I’m not surprised that Dick won Big Brother 8, or even the vote. After listening to them discuss the jury questioning, I pretty much figured out the winner. I was looking forward to this show only for the America’s Player reveal and to see the jury. In that, I guess I was a little disappointed. They wasted 20 minutes on nothing, and the reveal felt rushed.

I wanted to hear other’s view on it. Amber was either pissed off or wanted to cry. I wanted to know which it was. And I didn’t like that they let Jen think that America hated her. They disliked her from the start and made sure the editing and then tonight’s show showed it. The only good part was that it took some of the wind out of Dick’s sails. He was so convinced, and let everyone know it, that it was all his gameplay that got him over.

I wonder about what the results would have been had CBS not held the jury’s stipends over their heads. Would any of them have voted? Allison Grodner, in an interview last week, admitted that they told Eric that he had to campaign for whoever America wanted to win or lose his $40,000. The jury pretty much summed up their feelings by the comments they made. According to one they had to vote for the devil or the devil’s spawn, and they were compared to a pimp and a whore, and to a junkyard dog on a leash.

There have been other juries that didn’t want to reward either player, but I don’t remember this much animosity before. And I don’t really blame them. This year the personal vs. strategy line was quite blurred all through the game, so of course it would carry over. I was cheering Jessica when she called Dick on his lie after he started his “I’ve never lied” crap. Most of the jury questions were lame, though. I wanted someone to call Dick on his personal attacks, but if they did, it wasn’t shown. I wanted someone to call Daniele out on her egging on of Dick and then trying to hide her involvement. I was glad that Jameka did mention that to the jury.

I wanted to see more of the jury deliberations. How hard did Eric have to work to convince others to vote for Dick? Good for Jen for saying that she was not going to vote for Dick to win the money, period, and then sticking to that. Why did Jameka vote for Daniele? Was it those last few days in the house when Daniele finally deigned to talk to her? Why did Jessica vote for Dick, was it only because of Eric? Those are the questions I wanted to see answered tonight.

I kind of wish they’d have a reunion show next week. I’d like to hear their views after they’ve been back in the real world and had a chance to find out what really happened in the house. There’s a wrap party on Thursday (as we heard Julie tell Daniele tonight) and I’d love to be a fly on the wall. How will relatives deal with the people that treated their loved ones so harshly? How will they deal with each other after learning what all was said?

All in all, the finale was just ‘meh’ for me. I’m glad this season is over and I cautiously look forward to next year. The next week or so should be kind of interesting. I can’t wait to read some of the interviews and stories that will be released. Once the houseguests get home and talk to their families and friends, I’d like to hear their views. And then, in about three weeks or so, I’ll be sick of them, lol. Until next time, catch y’all in the forums.

-Ladytex, BuddyTV Forum Moderator(Image courtesy of TVClubhouse)

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