Earlier this month, in preparation for the new season, The Biggest Loser aired a special called “Did They Keep The Weight Off?” which brought back former contestants to show off their weight loss to the American public.  Pam, Wylie, Poppi, and more came back to step on that gigantic scale and all have managed to keep the changes they made during their time on The Biggest Loser ranch.  The special also checked in with Matt and Suzy, The Biggest Loser’s first couple and their new baby, Rex. 

Another new couple was announced that night.  Last season’s Marty Wolff and Amy Hildreth fell in love and he proposed to her in front of the audience.  They seemed to be the next Matt and Suzy.  When BuddyTV announced the engagement, an anonymous reader posted that Marty had cheated on his wife with Amy and blasted NBC for televising the proposal.  Such an accusation required further investigation and one needed to look no further than fellow contestant Kai’s MySpace blog.

The night the proposal aired, Kai wrote a MySpace blasting both Amy and Marty for what she calls “bad taste.”  “At worst Marty and Amy are using their relationship as a marketing angle, at best they are being used by 3Ball (Productions) and NBC,” she ranted.  She was quickly silenced when attorneys for 3Ball Productions told her she was not to comment on Marty and Amy’s relationships any longer.  Not one to take things lying down, she is continuing to write blogs in code, so as not to name names and keep herself out of any legal troubles.

It is a known fact that Marty was married before coming on the show.  On the episode where they were rewarded with seeing their loved ones if the contestants could complete a task aboard a cruise ship, Marty’s wife was that reward.  However, late in the season, when Marty returned home for his big reveal, NBC focused on his students and did not show his wife.  Any footage of her was later removed from the site, says a source who asked not to be named.  The source goes on to say, “My gut instinct is telling me there was a rocky relationship before he left for the show. When he went to the ranch, he fell for Amy.”

Whether it’s true or not, fans have come out in droves to defend Marty, Amy, Kai, and Marty’s wife.  The situation has certainly been controversial and it seems everyone has an opinion on it.  Marty and Amy were asked to participate in the story.  Amy emailed BuddyTV saying, “Thanks for allowing us the opportunity to respond to Kai’s blog. However, we have made the decision not to comment publicly on this subject.”  It appears what happens at The Biggest Loser ranch stays at The Biggest Loser ranch.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of MySpace)

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV