It was a long time coming, but Lost’s own John Locke, Terry O’Quinn, finally brought home one of those lightening winged ladies with the atom in her grasp.  It was the second Emmy nomination of O’Quinn’s career, the first going out for his incredible Lost season 1 performance as the mystical survivalist. O’Quinn’s season 3 performance, however, truly demonstrated O’Quinn’s command over a vast and nuanced palette of emotions.

Up against O’Quinn was co-star Michael Emerson who plays Ben Linus on Lost.  The combination of nominations was bittersweet for Lost fans who seemed divided on who they would rather see take home the gold.  Emerson delivered what many consider to be the performance of his career during season 3 of Lost as the story lead us behind the veil and into the world of the island’s seemingly insidious ‘Others.’

Both men were against such Emmy favorites as William Shatner (Boston Legal), T.R. Knight (Grey’s Anatomy), Masi Oka (Heroes), and Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos).  Masi Oka was anticipated to win the award for his work as Hiro, the time traveling nerd, but in the end O’Quinn joined the nights other critical underdogs in accepting his award with a look of authentic surprise.

While O’Quinn clearly deserved the Emmy for his season 1 portrayal of Locke’s surreptitious twists of character, season 3 of Lost was an opportunity for O’Quinn to re-endear the audience with his often enigmatic character.  Season 2 of Lost started with Locke at his very best, but ultimately brought the character to an anticlimactic slump of his most endearing qualities.  All necessary to motivate the seasons end-game, but an irritant to Locke fans, and even the actor himself.

Season 3 challenged O’Quinn to present a Locke that had come full circle, without being merely a repetition of season one’s man of faith.  O’Quinn was able to revive Locke’s shaman like sensibilities, along with his mad knife skills, and wrap it into the story of man who remained coolly astonished as the mysteries of the island began to unfurl before him.

Lost was also directed for Outstanding Direction, and Outstanding Writing for its groundbreaking finale “Through The Looking Glass.”  The show also received several creative arts nominations.

– Jon Lachsonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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