Once Upon a Time’s most recent episode, “The Song in Your Heart,” felt a bit like a filler at first. The songs were fun but a little corny at the same time. The Black Fairy made her move on Emma’s wedding day. She told Emma that she had to hand over her heart or she would be separated from her family. Of course, Emma realizes that the song in her heart is the key to waking up her family and holding off the Black Fairy.

While the episode was a little cornier than usual, the songs themselves were actually pretty good. Emma and Hook did finally get married in this episode and of course, their wedding ended in a song. Even though this episode felt like a filler, it still pushed the story forward a little. Now we are finally getting ready for the final battle. I do not think defeating the Black Fairy will be as easy as singing a song. Not to mention there’s still a curse coming. I like that it is reminiscent of the first season of Once Upon a Time. Snow and Charming were fighting to stop an evil curse after their wedding as well. 

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There was a lot going on in the previous episode, Rumple was revealed as a savior and he teamed up with his mother. “The Song in Your Heart” did not have anything major to the storyline going on until the last few minutes. The curse activated and swept over the town. Is it going to be similar to the original curse, and wipe everyone’s memories? Or is it something completely new? All we know is that the final battle will start with the curse. Emma seems pretty confident that she is going to win. Though, with all of the casting changes being made to season 7, who knows what could happen. 

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What did you think of “The Song in Your Heart?” Did you enjoy the musical episode, or would you have preferred to learn a little more about the Black Fairy? What do you think will happen in the final battle? Will Emma win or will she lose? We want to know what you think about season 6 so far! 

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