The agents seem to be making waves this season on Quantico. And while they have a major victory in this episode, titled “RAINBOW,” it seems like it’s only taking them a few steps back.

As for their personal lives, Shelby Wyatt and Clay Haas can’t seem to stay away from one another. Ryan and Alex have a similar tune and find each other possibly back together again. A few more familiar faces also return as the agents get closer to hopefully bringing down the terrorists for good.

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President Roarke doesn’t waste any time in signing controversial executive orders, such as a Muslim registry and calling for a constitutional convention. Sound familiar, anyone?

Owen, who is now in charge after Clay’s exit, finds out that things of course won’t be as easy as he’d hoped. He’s convinced that the new President has taken measures to shut down the task force by deleting the caches that held everything they knew. He leans to Raina for advice, but she’s too focused on getting Nimah out of jail. Everyone else might be anti-Owen right now, but Shelby decides to step in and help him and Alex as they try to bring down the terrorist group from the inside.

Alex continues her undercover work but still gives Roarke the side eye when he calls on her for help. He remains secretive but insists that she needs to stay in town in the meantime.

Familiar Faces Return

Miranda also makes another appearance and meets Owen for the first time (she has a hard time trusting him at first), while Alex and Matthew Keyes, the Director of the CIA, have their own reunion in this episode. It’s the first time they’ve see one another after Alex pretended to force him to resign when she showed up at the CIA with one of the alleged terrorists, Alice Winter. Thankfully, he understands not to take that move personally now that he sees that Alex is still an FBI agent who hasn’t gone rogue. But Raina still confronts Ryan for being upset about how close Alex and Owen have gotten. Let’s just say he doesn’t deny it.

Will returns to help the team try to find out who deleted the cache. But Alex is the first to make sure that he doesn’t find out too much. It’s not that easy for Will as he gets closer to finding out who is involved in the terrorist group. While they thought they knew everything there was to know about the plane crash, Will brings up another idea and reveals that they could be planning yet another attack – this time by hijacking a plane.

Shelby and Clay Get Close … Again

Shelby checks in with Clay, and he has definitely fallen off already as he’s seen smoking and drinking on a couch. He actually tells Shelby that she’s interrupting a pizza delivery he’s expecting. But Shelby puts all of that aside and asks him who he thinks could be behind the upcoming plane attack. She asks for his help but, right on cue, his pizza arrives.

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The Task Force Wins the Latest Round

The agents go into motion in hopes of stopping the attack. The planes are already in the air, but Alex goes to Alice and finds out all she needs to know concerning the flights that the terrorists have gone after. She has to punch Alice to find that out, which is all Alice needs to know that Alex really isn’t on their side. A girl fight ensues.

As for Shelby, she goes to see Clay face-to-face and learns that Max called off their engagement. It will most likely be only a matter of time before something really happens between them. For now, Shelby just wants the codes that will help the agents recover the caches.

On a side note, Keyes and Ryan have an intense talk about the role that Alex could very well play in his life. It looks like Ryan is finally starting to see his life with Alex in it once again.

Miranda, Will and Owen take on the transportation department and try to communicate with the flights in the air. They find out that one of the terrorists probably interfered with the line of communication. They quickly find the perps before any of the planes can be compromised and lives lost. They initiate the emergency landing and have the flight attendants take the cell phones of the ones on the flights who were behind the attack. All six of the planes land safely. But now Alex might be in danger after her cover is blown.

Once Clay helps the agents, Shelby tries to push him to come back to work. But it’s clear that he’s going through too much right now.

Do Alex and Ryan Give It Another Try?

Ryan makes his way to Alex’s room and tries to comfort her as she expresses that she’s afraid they’re going to come for her. He seems to have gotten over his latest love interest, Sasha, quickly after her untimely death. And Alex is now like, “Owen who?” An attack against Alex and the task force is inevitable, but Ryan lets her know that he and the agents will always be there for her no matter what. It looks like Ryan’s conversation with Keyes really took to heart with him as he opens up about why their relationship didn’t work but also possibly hints at why it could work.

The FBI finds the agents and busts up their task force — or so it seems. Miranda isn’t afraid to say that she’s with them as well. But the agents let the team know it’s the President who wants to see them. President Roarke makes a speech, surprisingly, to honor the task force and their “off book” mission. Of course, this is probably his way of putting them in the spotlight — and not in a good way.

Roarke and Alex have a moment in which he hints that he got Alice killed. Alex can only wonder what they’ll do to her. One of Roarke’s first moves is to combine the FBI and CIA together. The country is all for it so it can’t see what Roarke is really planning. Owen suggests that the agents don’t resist but rather make Roarke think they’re fighting with him instead of against him.

Do you think the agents should pretend to be on Roarke’s team? What do you think about Alice Winter’s death? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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