Bethenny takes Bryn out for a little one-on-one time in the carrier, at least we think Bryn is under there somewhere. By the way, Gina doesn’t really do any work anymore. At least she’s hilarious.

Bethenny is upset because a lot of stores are running out of her SkinnyGirl Margaritas. Then Nick came over to talk about food and “underground sandwich shops.” Nick is “passionate about food” and Bethenny would like him to blog for her. Is Nick really passionate about anything? Nick IS creepy. Just a little.

Bethenny is ready for Redbook Magazine. Gina is not ready for anything. She’s got husband drama (she has a husband? How and when did that happen?), and some shady shiz is going down. It’s a mess. Time for therapy! And then mani-pedis. The less I hear about “waxing the vaginas” the better.

While Bethenny is excited about Nick’s Culinary Crawl (and having Nick as her new Creepy Crawler), she is not excited about her current assistant, Max. Bethenny doesn’t want to hire another nanny, for fear of getting another Max. He’s inappropriate, and kind of a fame-whore. It’s time to fire Max.

I have to hand it to Bethenny, she was very business-like and did a very professional job of letting Max go. Max tried defending himself, but it just made Bethenny even more mad. Julie intervened before it got out of hand, and Max was gone for good.

Bethenny attends a baby things event and Jason makes himself at home with the girls. I even believed that Jason told them he felt like one of the girls sincerely. I liked Bethenny’s dress that she wore to the party. I don’t think the party’s host knew Bethenny was kidding about Jason hosting next year.

Finally Nick’s Culinary Crawl is happening. Nick doesn’t eat red meat, and he is also awkward. Is Bethenny still excited about him? I can’t tell. He’s a little aspberger-y. Bethenny asked Nick to go get some alcohol for the gourmet slurpees and the best part of the whole episode was him running across the street.

Finally, Bethenny et. all celebrated Gina’s birthday and it made her cry. They celebrated with a red velvet cake, of course! Watch out, guys, Gina throws rocks and she’s staying until May.

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