If you’re not already hooked on the Syfy hit Haven, then you have about a month to catch up on three incredible seasons before the fourth season begins. The show stars Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and Eric Balfour. 

For those of you who are already well aware of how fantastic this show is, you may want to prepare yourself for what is looking to be the best season yet. Not only are the rules changing for Haven in regards to the Troubles, but the show is also welcoming some fantastic guest stars.

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Eureka fans will know him as all around good guy Sheriff Jack Carter, but in Haven how will guest star Colin Ferguson get along with our adoring Interim Chief Nathan Wuornos? I’m sure pages upon pages of buddy-cop fanfiction could be written about these two; however, Colin Ferguson tells us that while he doesn’t have many scenes with Nathan (played by Lucas Bryant) as of yet, he does have “a connection” with Audrey (Emily Rose). I don’t sense that Nathan is going to like this guy. Ferguson suggests the audience may not like him either. “There is sort of a strange connection between Audrey and I; whoever she is, wherever she is, whenever she is. It’s quasi-attraction, it’s quasi-friendship, yet at the same time you’re not sure if I’m trying to help her or hurt her.”

Ferguson is not the only guest star to land in Haven. Duke will have a new lady in his life, Jennifer, who will be played by Emma Lahana. Also joining the cast is Dexter’s Christian Camargo. “Christian and Emma are lovely people, great actors, and they fit in super well. They have very cool storylines. We are happy to have them,” says Lucas Bryant. “Fortunately, the nature of the guest starring adds to to the storyline, yes, but also spreads out the workload,” adds Emily Rose, continuing “So I mainly work with Colin, and Eric mainly works with Emma, and [Lucas] just stares in corners. We usually find him standing in corners.”

All joking aside, the guest star lineup this season is pretty impressive. Not only do Emily and Eric get to work with some of the new additions, but it sounds like Dwight may not be the biggest guy on the show anymore. “I have a big, big, big, physically big friend who is doing a role this year it is yet to be seen the role will turn into. Robert Maillet… He is a massive, massive man, but just a big sweetheart of a guy,” Adam Copeland tells us. Ferguson adds that Maillet will come in on his plotline. 

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If that wasn’t enough, Bryant tells us that the legendary Jayne Eastwood also joins the cast mid-season “She plays a great, hilarious, very cool character that you will meet halfway through the season,” he says. When I asked who their dream guest star would be, there were a few names thrown around but ultimately the trio decided that Fred Willard would be the ultimate guest. Emily Rose even took to twitter asking Willard to join them. If you would like to see it happen, the hash-tag is #willardonhaven

It’s unsure of which guest stars will make it in Haven and which will not. Ferguson tells us “I’m in eight episodes and I am still alive at the end of the eight.” Whether that is a good thing or bad thing, only time will tell (because the cast certainly won’t!). I cannot wait until the season four premiere which will air on Syfy on September 14. Check your local listings for specific times. 

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