Teen Wolf keeps getting more and more dramatic as season 3 approaches its mid-season finale. As one of the few shows currently airing during San Diego Comic-Con 2013, the stars of the show tried to remain fairly tight-lipped bout what’s to come for our favorite hunky werewolves.

But that doesn’t mean we weren’t able to spill a few secrets during our time at the press table with one of the most attractive casts on television. (Like poor Isaac is still paying rent even though Derek kicked him out! That’s way harsh Tai.) 

Check out the full interview below: 

Here are some interview highlights: 

  • The Teen Wolf panel was moved into the much-larger Ballroom 20 for this year’s Comic-Con and the whole cast was impressed by the crowd that showed up. O’Brien says Comic-Con feels like home now but, “it’s a weird home to have.” 
  • Dylan is amazed by how much they manage to cram into one episode. 
  • The show is going in a darker direction, there’s a lot more horror this season.
  • Stiles definitely doesn’t lose his virginity in the first half of season 3. Dylan O’Brien really wants to know how Stiles is still alive. 
  • We’ll find out more about Derek’s love story by the end of the season. Tyler enjoys playing this new side of Derek.
  • Tyler Hoechlin says Derek has pretty much never won a fight. 
  • Will Derek ever get a furnished apartment? According to Tyler Hoechlin, the loft is actually much nicer than it looks on TV. “It’s got like Restoration Hardware in there.” 
  • “At least you have a bed,” Dylan says of Derek’s new place. “I think that’s why Derek has been so cranky, he hasn’t been sleeping,” Hoechlin says. 
  • Derek can only afford that nice loft because Isaac is still paying half the rent, even after he got kicked out! 

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(Image and video: Morgan Glennon)

Morgan Glennon

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