Teen Wolf‘s hero Scott McCall is having a pretty crazy year. His friends have died, his family has been threatened, and now he found out he’s something called a “true alpha,” one who gets powers from leadership instead of killing. 

'Teen Wolf' Interview: Tyler Posey Shows Off Nipple Tattoos and Talks Scott's True Alpha Transformation

Last week at San Diego Comic Con, show star Tyler Posey sat down with a bunch of inquisitive journalists to find out what’s up with Scott’s alpha powers and what it’s like to play a heroic character.

Check out the full interview below:


Some highlights from the interview:

  • Will Scott ever become telekinetic like he is in the credits? Tyler has no idea but thinks it would be cool. The reason for the new credit sequence this season is because Colton Haynes, who played Jackson, left the show this season. 
  • Tyler thinks the true alpha mythology is one of the coolest things they’ve done so far on Teen Wolf. 
  • At the Teen Wolf panel they gave out free alpha temporary tattoos. Tyler decided it would be funny to put them on his nipples but discovered a bit too late that they really don’t wash off as easily as he thought. But he was a good sport and posed for everyone’s cameras as we took pictures! 
  • Speaking of tattoos, he does have many real ones and is a big fan of adding more. He keeps getting tattoos in the same area so they’re easy to cover.
  • He got his armband tattoo without telling executive producer Jeff Davis and was surprised when they wrote it in. Apparently it also has a lot more meaning than what we’ve seen on the show so far. 
  • When the show started Scott was two years younger and now he’s four years younger than Tyler. Time is wacky on Teen Wolf apparently.
  • Scott has to prove himself to himself and be the man he wants to be in the first part of season 3. 
  • What’s new for Scott? Possibly new love interests! Say it isn’t so Allison and Scott fans!
  • His favorite scene to shoot so far was the scene where Scott tries to save Deaton and becomes the true alpha. Other than that, look forward to a scene in episode 11 that gives Tyler chills!
  • Tyler’s fiancee was really surprised to have a full table full of reporters suddenly looking her way.


Morgan Glennon

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV