We rank the cancelled shows we will miss most in 2012 including the good (Chuck, Last Resort), the bad (Gossip Girl) and the ugly (Partners, Rob).

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#50 Work It

We all knew this showwas getting canceled. Deservedly so.


#49 Terra Nova

This show was killed faster than its dinosaurs. No surprise.


#48 CSI: Miami

Slowly, all of the CSIs will disappear from TV. Celebrate the small victories.


#47 Common Law

Another rip off of the USA brand buddy formula. Bu-bye!


#46 Animal Practice

For the first time ever, it wasn’t sad when this one was put down.


#45 One Life to Live

After more than 43 years, it’s over. The massacre of soap operas continues.


#44 Are You There, Chelsea?

Probably one of the worst TV show names in recent memory. The show wasn’t much better.


#43 Harry’s Law

Despite good ratings and the presence of Kathy Bates, NBC didn’t want to have its only modest hit pull in old people. Seriously.


#42 Napoleon Dynamite

A cult hit doesn’t necessarily translate as an animated FOX sitcom.


#41 Rob

Rob Schneider played a version of himself that offended millions. But it didn’t offend enough millions, so CBS canceled it.


#40 Allen Gregory

Remember that cartoon show Jonah Hill did? No one else does either.


#39 Fear Factor

It has no fear except another revive and die move from NBC.


#38 Partners

A poor man’s Will & Grace.


#37 Jane By Design

A plain Jane gets her chance at being in The Devil Wears Prada. Though cute, it was as boring as it sounds.


#36 Made in Jersey

Didn’t you know? Small girls from Jersey can work at big shot New York law firms too! For like, three episodes at least.


#35 Pan Am

Hey! ABC can do a period 60s knockoff of Mad Men too! But not really, since like the company, it crashed.


#34 The Finder

It couldn’t find an audience. Signora, Bones spinoff!


#33 Best Friends Forever

Forever is less than a full season these days.


#32 Breaking In

This show was canceled. Brought back from the dead. And canceled again. Any more resurrections and I suspect it will look like The Walking Dead meets Christian Slater’s Botox.


#31 Missing

Ashley Judd didn’t quite match up to Liam Neeson in this Taken knockoff.


#30 I Just Want My Pants Back

I just wanted another season.


#29 One Tree Hill

The teen drama that lived on forever. The Millennials’ 90210 but with an even more beautiful cast and crazier plot lines.


#28 Good Christian Bitches

It tried to be the Desperate Housewives of the south or something. Instead, it was tired and silly and offensive and hypocritical. I mean, it couldn’t even say its name out loud.


#27 Bent

It was actually really likable. Plus, it had Lance from FNL!


#26 Wizards of Waverly Place

It’s that Disney show with Selena Gomez! It was that only good Disney show!


#25 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

One less show about vapid, wannabe celebrities trying to help themselves. The good ones go young.


#24 Tyler Perry’s House of Payne

254 episodes later, it surpassed the number of episodes aired for any show featuring a predominately African American cast. An impressive feat.


#23 Victorious

Dan Schnieder’s vehicle for beauty Victoria Justice got a surprising axe from Nickelodeon this year.


#22 Teen Mom

Pregnant teenagers become parents because it wouldn’t really be a show if they didn’t keep the kid. Except for Kaitlyn and Tyler.


#21 Desperate Housewives

Wisteria Lane, known for: grocery store shootings, city fires, plane crashes, hurricanes, tornadoes, suicides, blackmail, blackmail, blackmail, oh, and secrets.


#20 Political Animals

The Clintons, I mean the Barrishs, weren’t just politicians, they were people too. Except, they were all abnormally good-looking and had really active, scandalous sex lives.


#19 The Rosie Show

It felt more like a continuation of Rosie O’Donnell’s first talk show rather than a sequel.


#18 iCarly

Another Dan Schneider show, it was the most popular kids program for the last 10 years, combining technology, heart and humor for both kids and adults.


#17 Alcatraz

An intriguing premise was not enough to draw in former Lost refugees. The pain was still too fresh.


#16 Ringer

Buffy, Bridget, Siobhan… nothing could have saved this hot mess of a show. Sorry, Sarah Michelle Gellar.


#15 The Secret Circle

It tried to be The Vampire Diaries, but with witches. So naturally (for all you Bonnie-haters out there), it failed. Considerably dark for a CW affair, the main lead was the darkest witch and most dangerous character.


#14 Boss

A corrupt Chicago mayor recently diagnosed with a life-threatening disease works hard to conceal his condition and remain in charge. But it didn’t stop audiences from tuning in. Probably because it had a terrible title.


#13 Last Resort

A show about a rogue nuclear submarine. How many episodes can you really drag that out, anyway?


#12 Cash Cab

We will never again hope to maybe get a ride in the cash cab again. It’s a sad day in America.


#11 Eureka

One of the last charming shows about small, quirky towns where the supernatural and scientific go awry.


#10 Gossip Girl

Farewell former teen drama sensation! You sensationalized and glamorized literally every bad thing in this world to make their world look better. But no one cared about that. Shippers, live and fight on!


#9 The Closer

It launched TNT’s lineup and summer programming to save us from the heat. Plus, it brought us Kyra Sedgwick being adorably tough and Southern!


#8 The Killing

What else am I going to hate-watch on AMC? RIP Rosie Larsen, and RIP Killing.


#7 Weeds

Nancy Botwin was seriously the worst mother on television in recent memory. Weeds tumbled down hill in quality after it left suburbia, but its special brand of disturbing lasted for eight seasons.


#6 Luck

Luck had nothing to do with this cancellation. Likely for renewal, sadly this ended to prevent further horse related tragedies. Shame, because it was really shaping up to be one great racing show.


#5 Damages

High powered New York City lawyers who will stop at nothing to keep said power. Glenn Close vs. Rose Bryn. Brilliant writing, brilliant acting. Five seasons of low ratings damaged the show permanently.


#4 Awake

A cerebrally complicated drama about a man caught between two realities after a tragic accident: one in which his son is alive, another in which is wife is alive. Too complicated for most audiences, Awake put Nielson viewers to sleep. But with a top performance from Jason Isaacs and a memorable premise, Awake really does deserve to be one of the most missed shows this year.


#3 Jersey Shore

It was the Real World only it had the same cast for six seasons over three years. The self-titled ‘guidos’ and ‘guidettes’ became pop culture sensations overnight. Though they are sure to pop up on the spinoffs, surely America will find it in their hearts to miss the cast of Jersey Shore who were mostly not really from Jersey at all.


#2 House

TV’s resident misanthrope Dr. Gregory House popped pills, got shot, fired and hired people at will, killed Wilson’s girlfriend, suffered from psychosis, went to a mental institution, drove his car into his girlfriend’s house, went to jail and finally faked his own death so he could ride off into the sunset with his BFF Wilson. After eight seasons, it burned through every rare disease we think we have when we get sick and check Web MD. We don’t want to get too sentimental (cause he’d mock us) but we’ll miss you, House.


#1 Chuck

It evaded cancellation since it first aired in 2007. The Writer’s Strike, Subway, TV Critics, fans and a begrudging NBC saved the show for five seasons. The show’s loyal fan base was deserved, for its heart and humor, action and adventure, romance and heightened reality. We’ll miss you Chuck, Sarah, Casey, Morgan, Ellie, Captain Awesome and the gang.


Emily E. Steck

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV