NCIS season 10 is shaping up to be one of the best yet, and now there’s a whole new way for fans to enjoy watching their favorite show, thanks to a new web series from CBS. 

The web series, called “Inside NCIS,” will bring fans behind the scenes, providing an insider’s view of the show: from the music selection process and iconic sets to the actors who are “lucky” enough to portray the victims. The eight-episode series chronicles the production process from start to finish, featuring exclusive interviews with cast members as well as producers, set designers, composers and crew members. It can be viewed on or on the CBS channel on Youtube. 

“We couldn’t be happier with these behind-the-scenes glimpses, which give fans real insight into the extraordinarily talented crew I work with each and every day,” said Gary Glasberg, Executive Producer of the show. “Watching these segments is like getting a private tour of our stages, and we hope people really enjoy them.”

Let’s check out the first three videos released so far in the series. 

IIn the first video, Pauley Perrette (Abby) tells us why she loved the character from the very first script she read. We also get a special tour of Abby’s lab from producer Josh Rexon and hear from composer Brian Kirk about the music in Abby’s lab. 

Here are a few things we know after watching the video:

  • Abby’s lad was always supposed to be a place for the team to gather to get information on the case. 
  • They always wanted to create a unique mixture of music to match her personality. 
  • The music for Abby’s lab is usually written free-form. 
  • No musical cue in Abby’s lab has ever been written without some form of electronic element. 
  • The music in Abby’s lab is always tied to the progression of the story. 

In the second video, we hear from executive producer Gary Glasberg about the heart of NCIS: the squadroom. 

Here are a few things we know after watching the video:

  • The squadroom is the core of every story. 
  • The squadroom is a place for fun and camaraderie, but also where all the details of the case come out. 
  • Every day is Halloween in the squadroom according Michael Weatherly
  • No background actors ever walk through the bullpen. 
  • There was a lot of discussion to change the set after the explosion, but ultimately they decided to keep it the same. 
  • The squadroom is “comfort food” according to Glasberg. 

In the third video, we hear from executive producer Mark Horowitz about another important part of NCIS: autopsy. We also get some fun insights from David McCallum (Ducky) and Brian Dietzen (Palmer). 

Here are a few things we know after watching the video:

  • People are apparently dying to be dead people on the show. 
  • They try to use real people to play dead bodies whenever possible. 
  • Dietzen doesn’t recommend being a body as it’s not very comfortable, and I quote “You’re cold, you’re shaved and your genitals are on fire.” – Wow, sounds like a rough gig. 
  • Horowitz also tries to talk people out of being a dead body as it’s the worst job in the world. 
  • McCallum has occasionally been attracted to some of their dead body actresses, until said actress has had all of her dead makeup done. 
  • McCallum and Dietzen like to get to autopsy early before their scenes to work out what they will be doing. 
  • There is a choreography always worked out in autopsy based on where the bodies are. 
  • All of the actors always come very prepared for their scenes, so that very little rehearsal is needed. What do you think of all these great behind-the-scenes videos from NCIS? Will you watch them all as they are released? 

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8:00 PM, ET/PT on the CBS Television Network.

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV