Castle season 5 may have signed off for 2012 with a fun Christmas episode, but it won’t be long until our favorite crime-fighting couple will be back on our TV screens. To help tide us over until that happens, here are a few spoilers about some upcoming episodes in 2013. 

Meeting Castle’s Dad

First up, we’ve got a scoop about Castle’s dad. Yep, it looks like we’re finally going to meet the mysterious patriarch. Executive producer Andrew Marlowe told TV Guide that he is considering an “explosively personal” February-sweeps two-part episode that would introduce the Castle’s father in a way that would profoundly impact both his son’s and granddaughter Alexis’ lives.

What kind of man might he be? “I’m pretty sure he’s ruggedly handsome,” says Marlowe with a laugh, adding that Nathan Fillion’s fantasy choice to play him is Harrison Ford.

Wow! If only we could get that lucky, right? Well no matter who plays Castle’s pop, I’m sure it will be a fantastic episode. 

More on Beckett’s Mom’s Murder

February is going to be one exciting month on Castle. Also that month we’ll see Senator Bracken (Jack Coleman), who just so happens to be the man behind the murder of Beckett’s mother, back again. When Bracken returns, it will be in connection with another murder and, “Beckett believes this is her opportunity to nail him once and for all,” says Marlowe.

Esposito and Ryan Backstories

But it’s not just Castle and Beckett who are getting some great stories. Esposito will be getting some of the backstory love, too. Looks like his early delinquent years are going to be revealed in an upcoming episode. 

“We learn Esposito had a bit of a record himself,” says Marlowe, who is apparently also planning a special mythology episode for Detective Ryan.

Backstories for Castle, Beckett, Esposito AND Ryan? Wow, it’s like Christmas is never going to end, with all of these amazing presents.  

Caskett’s First Valentine’s Day

But what about the Caskett lovers? Have no fear; we’ve got some cool spoilers for you guys, too. Castle and Beckett will be celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together next February. And as the two contemplate what gifts to exchange, they’ll also be investigating a murder on a Real Housewives-type reality show. 

When asked if Castle and Beckett could get married though, Marlowe turns cagey. “Not right now,” he says. “But we’ll see as we get toward the end of the season.” 

Ah! They always make us wait, don’t they? Well, what do you folks think of these absolutely scrumptious Castle spoilers? Whose storyline are you looking forward to seeing the most? 

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV