Pia has friends in all the right places, Katy Perry is gracing us with a one-time only performance of “E.T.” this Thursday, and some stars are trash-talking American Idol to promote The Voice, but everyone is eager to talk about what they haven’t seen. It’s all in a few days’ work!

Pia Toscano to Perform on Dancing With the Stars
While this may help her career, it might not help the rumors swirling around Pia Toscano‘s alleged relationship with DWTS pro Mark Ballas. Pia is slated to perform on next week’s results show, and Mark Ballas will be dancing to it. Is this their coming out performance as a couple? Pia Toscano will also appear on American Idol this week as part of a cast-offs reunion. [TMZ]

Apparently, Pia’s ex-boyfriend won’t be too pleased about this. He’s talking all about the heartbreak he’s suffered after their four-year relationship ended once Pia made the Top 12. So this character, Carlos Nunez, is talking to anyone who will listen about as many details as he can recollect. She’s a star now, be classy about it, Nunez! [NY Post]

Paul McDonald is Officially Dating Nikki Reed, Alienating Twilight Fans
Paul announced to Us Weekly that he is officially dating Twilight star Nikki Reed, but tells People that he won’t/doesn’t want to watch the movies she’s in, particularly the vampire ones. Good for you, Paul. Paul McDonald says that Nikki Reed is “super cool,” and he seems to take pride in knowing “nothing, really about her work.” It looks like he just sort of stumbled into a relationship with a movie star, Paul McDonald style.

Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green Trash Talk Idol
Maybe “trash talk” is a little strong. After all, they’re just trying to promote The Voice. Christina Aguilera, star of Burlesque, told USA Today:

“I’ve never done television before. I don’t watch a lot of it. I can’t say I’ve actually seen a full episode of the other musical shows that are out there such as American Idol.”

That’s weird, I thought Christina had done television before, like the Superbowl, awards shows, Saturday Night Live, Project Runway, Christina Aguilera: My Reflection (Mi Reflejo!), and The Mickey Mouse Club. Oh, and she performed on American Idol, too. Oh like I’m not going to watch The Voice, though (I totally am). I think I’m just still mad about Paul McDonald.

Cee Lo Green, on the other hand, turned down a gig judging X-Factor because he simply “wasn’t familiar,” and took another judge slot on The Voice. For whatever reason, he feels that The Voice is strong enough to say this:

“Quite honestly, I felt like American Idol and these other entities had run their course.” We’re waiting to hear what Adam Levine has to say! I guess we’ll see how original, unique, and ground-breaking The Voice is when it premieres next week. [Billboard]

Preview Katy Perry’s American Idol Performance of “E.T.”
Katy Perry will perform on this week’s results show, along with David Cook. No word on whether or not Kanye West will be making a special appearance, as he is featured in “E.T.” This will be the only performance of “E.T.” according to this video, which previews the alien costumes for this television event, as well as special, bone-breaking choreography! Check it out below: [Perez Hilton]

(image courtesy of FOX)

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