House is close to its end. After 8 seasons, the world’s most curmudgeonly doctor will hang up his stethoscope and limp into history. How will it all end? These three House series finale videos might give you a clue.

WARNING: There are House series finale spoilers in this article. Read at your own risk.

The first video is actually quite amusing, especially for an episode that is certain to be full of shocks and sadness.

There are two big jokes in this one clip. The first is, of course, House being in a good mood (for some inexplicable reason), helping a patient and running his own tests. The team is right to be completely flabbergasted by such information, considering that this is pretty much anti-House.

The second joke is probably a little more meta and obscure. House’s reference to Dead Poets Society, coming immediately after a mention of Wilson’s death, cannot be an accident. If you’ve seen and remember that film, you might recall that one high-achieving, seemingly perfect student commits suicide toward the end. That student was played by Robert Sean Leonard, Wilson himself.

The second video features House going to speak with Foreman. Foreman does not seem so interested in talking.

  • House is not wrong. Wobbly tables never do un-wobble themselves. I know this from long, sad experience.
  • Apparently, House can only stay out of prison (again) if the parole board can be convinced that 8 people will die if he doesn’t diagnose and cure them. The scary part — he is probably right.
  • No one but House could fit in three totally unnecessary insults into a 10-second monolog.
  • Foreman doesn’t care much about House going back to prison. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in charge of a hospital where the floor collapsed from a “prank.”

In the final video, House and his team “treat” a patient.

Despite the fact that he is standing on the other side of the room, this is probably one of the more hands-on treatments that House has engaged in during the run of the show. Not that this could be much of a comfort for the team wrestling to keep the patient in bed.

The sick man’s insistence on using drugs to escape a terrible reality might be important. House has arguably been doing this for years. With life looking to get even worse for him in the future, how much will House try to avoid reality altogether?

Drugs could very well be involved in that attempt. If so, House may not end well.

What do you think will happen in the House series finale? Who live and who will die? Leave your comments below!

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