In tonight’s season 2 finale, Nikita (Maggie Q) finally confronts Percy (Xander Berkeley), but things do not go as planned.

Danger From All Sides

Nikita and Michael (Shane West) are still trapped inside Division thanks to the lockdown, but it does not take them long to find one another. Meanwhile, Percy tells his agents that Division has been breached and anyone who kills Michael and Nikita will be rewarded. At the Farm, Sean (Dillon Casey) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) survive their gun-battle with the Alpha team only to have the marines show up. They have to lay-low to avoid detection, as the marines do not know the difference between Nikita’s people and the actual bad guys.

The President makes a press statement announcing that he is pulling his support from the peace treaty and Percy is pleased, especially when the gentleman tells him that he has been admitted into the man’s group. Percy is less pleased to see the marines, but he manages to convince his agents that he called them in to prevent Team Nikita from escaping.

A Two-Pronged Assault

Nikita manages to contact Ryan just as Percy phones the President. Nikita and Michael listen in as Percy explains that this whole thing was a con. His satellite was never a weapon, so disabling it did nothing. In reality, Percy used plutonium to destroy the reactor and Roan is prepared to cause another reactor melt-down if the President does not agree to let Percy walk away from Division, with immunity. Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) figures out a way to track Roan, while Nikita and Michael try to take Percy out of the equation. Sean and Alex are on Roan’s trail, but they are several hours behind him and he has already left the first location. Meanwhile, Nikita and Michael gain access to Operations and take control. Michael will re-direct the Division teams from there so Nikita can go after Percy.

Things Keep Getting Worse…

Nikita makes it to Percy’s office and takes him hostage, but he explains that she cannot kill him or Roan will initiate the reactor melt-down. Nikita then makes Percy get on the comm. system and tell his agents the truth about Division. Percy explains that he betrayed them all by turning Division into a criminal organization and anyone who has a problem with that should come after him. The Division agents are now gunning for Percy and if Nikita wants to prevent a national catastrophe, she has to get Percy out of Division alive. As if that is not bad enough, Birkhoff and Ryan realize that Roan’s target is a nuclear reactor in the heart of Washington, D.C.  

Here We Go Again

Nikita is able to get Percy out of Division safely, but he turns on her at the last minute. Percy tries to kill her and ends up in a position to die himself. Nikita tells Birkhoff to track Percy’s signal and lets him fall to his death. Birkhoff gives Alex and Sean the information they need to finally locate Roan and after an epic fight, they manage to kill him and prevent the melt-down. Nikita then re-enters Division under the ruse of negotiating a surrender, but she really just wants a chance to protect the remaining Division agents from the government.

Ryan tells Nikita that he got the Vice President to realize that the only thing that could handle the fallout from Division was Division itself and the V.P. authorized Ryan to run it. Ryan asks Nikita to join him and after some reflection, it seems like she is prepared to do just that. After all, there are still plenty of threats out there, like the gentleman’s group and Amanda (Melinda Clarke), who now has a decrypted black box. Will Team Nikita be able to use Division to bring down their enemies? Hopefully, we will find out when the show returns for season 3.

Megan Cole
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Megan Cole

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