This week on the Grimm season finale, the mysterious man with the tattoo, who Nick recently found out may have been involved with his parents’ deaths, comes to Portland in search of the elusive coins, killing anyone in his path to get what we wants.

He’s Watching You

While Nick and Monroe are at a coffee shop — (have you noticed their meetings are getting more and more public?) — a man’s outside snapping photos. He’s a former police officer-turned PI who’s working for the mystery man in gathering evidence on what might be in possession of them. The PI concludes that it’s Captain Renard and wants in on searching for them. But before anything happens, the mystery man kills him.

With the PI dead, a woman in a cloak seemingly comes from nowhere — and she appears later in front of Renard’s building.

Man On A Mission

The mystery man shows at Renard’s place, kills his housekeeper, tears apart his place and ties up Renard, beating him and seeking answers.

Meanwhile, Nick and Hank show up at the PI’s place and find the cameras in the rental car, realizing they were being followed. Since Renard showed up in the photos, they quickly head over there.

The mystery man escapes — barely.

A Secret No More

What was it going to take for Nick to tell Juliette about his big secret?

It starts with Adalind, who makes a return. Why? I don’t know, since she has no “powers” and is basically useless. She turns her cat into something evil that scratches Juliette. Upon inspection and hearing whose cat it was, Nick insists she go to a doctor. Juliette refuses. Nick says he can explain why she has to and takes her to the trailer.

There, he tells her the backstory, shows her some poison, ancient weapons and even mentions Hitler. But instead of really explaining and trying to make sense of it all, Nick instead gets hyper and shows off things and rattles off people and things like it’s a fifth-grade show-and-tell.

Juliette, unsurprisingly, tells Nick he needs professional help.

What Did the Cat Do?

In a last-ditch effort, Nick makes Juliette come with him to Monroe’s, who’ll turn into a Blutbod and I guess Juliette is supposed to believe and be OK with it? As Monroe goes through his transformation, she faints.

With Juliette in the hospital, Nick and Monroe track down the cat, who’s going crazy in the cage, and takes it to Rosalee’s to see what she can figure out. Rosalee cooks up something that’s supposed to put the cat out so she can inspect its claws and saliva.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Juliette awakens — all crazy with dark eyes.

Reunited and It Feels So…

Hank comes home to realize his place has been ransacked. Poor Hank is still traumatized after running into Monroe’s true self, and he even shoots at an empty closet that turns out to be nothing, thinking someone was in there. Nick, after coming up empty at Adalind’s house other than the milk that’s still on the floor, goes to his house — already ransacked.

He comes across the mystery man and shoots him with one of his weapons. Nothing happens, so he takes matters into his own hands in a long fight, until the woman in the cloak arrives.

She and Nick fight — and then she turns her attention to the mystery man and stabs him!
The woman calls her “Nicky” and the episode ends with Nick asking, “Mom?”
There you go! A very action-packed season finale of Grimm, with plenty of story lines to explore for season 2 starting with Nick’s mom. Is it really her? Where the heck has she been all this time?

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