My favorite moments from the show’s seventh season.

#45 Dean Threatens Dick Roman

How does Dean handle grief? First he punches a wall, then he walks right up to the leader of the Leviathans and promises that he will kill him. You have to love Dean in total bad-ass mode.

#44 Cas Plays Twister

Is there a visual more absurd than seeing Castiel play Twister by himself? Thank God his resurrection punishment came with a newfound love of board games.

#43 The Winchesters Save the Alpha Vampire

Sam and Dean always seem to be working WITH the monsters. This season they had to save the Alpha Vampire’s life by cutting off Edgar’s head. It’s always fun to watch when the Winchesters are forced to ally themselves with their enemies.

#42 Frank Devereaux’s Backstory

I love crazy Frank’s conspiracy theories, but in one lucid moment he got serious and told Dean the story of finding his wife and children murdered, causing him to put a smile on and try to act like his life was still OK. It was a sad and tragic moment for an otherwise comedic character that added real weight to his story.

#41 Bobby’s House Is Destroyed

If the show has had one central setting for the entire series, its Bobby’s house, introduced back at the end of season 1. By having the Leviathans burn it to the ground, the show definitely reinvented itself in a major way.

#40 Dance Your Feet Off

The visual of a ballerina who literally danced her feet off was disturbing, but there’s also a strange beauty in this tableau with blood splattered like a Jackson Pollock painting.

#39 The Spoon Bender Gets Impaled on Cutlery

In one of the more gruesome murders of the season, a spoon bender was lifted into the air by a ghost and dropped on a coffee table full of forks, knives and spoons pointed up. It’s the kind of grotesquely hilarious ending the show does so well.

#38 Sam and Meg Chase Kevin Tran

After seven seasons we’ve grown used to seeing supernatural things. But overachieving teen Kevin Tran wasn’t, and watching him run aimlessly carrying the Word of God while Sam and Meg chased him was hilarious.

Sam and Meg Chase Kevin Tran

#37 Joyce Bicklebee, Leviathan Realtor

It’s a shame she died, because this Leviathan lady was a wonderfully silly, over-the-top sitcom character, and I mean that in the best possible sense.

#36 Dean Kills Dick Roman

After a season of trying, all it took has a nun’s bone buried into Dick’s neck. The final death, when his black goo exploded just like the opening credits for season 7, was jolting and fun.

#35 Dean vs. Krissy

There’s nothing I enjoy more than Dean interacting with a kid, and when he went up against teenage girl Krissy, it was hilarious. From her calling him a dweeb to him slapping the gun out of her hand, it was a funny and enjoyable dynamic.

#34 Bobby and Jodie’s Cabin Date

The softer side of Bobby was revealed when Sheriff Mills showed up to his cabin to cook a meal, clean up and provide some much needed company. He even kissed her, which was the first and last romantic moment they’d have.

#33 Dean Sings Along to Air Supply

One of the most hilariously awkward and ridiculous moments was when Dean sang along to Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” in the Impala while Sam watched with incredulity.

#32 Cas Accepts Sam’s Pain

The friendship between Cas and Dean is the important, but Cas shared an equally touching moment with Sam after taking on the scarred portions of his soul. Cas seemed fine accepting Sam’s pain because it was a suitable punishment for the bad things he’d done. When Sam offered to help make him better, Castiels’ inability to understand was incredibly bittersweet and beautiful.

#31 Dean Can’t Eat Pie

Season 7 was all about loss for Dean. He lost his best friend (Cas), his surrogate father (Bobby) and his car (the Impala got locked away because of the Leviathans). But the last straw came when the Leviathans started tainting all food containing corn syrup, including pie. Nothing comes between Dean and his pie.

#30 Becky Ties Sam to Her Bed

I don’t care what anyone says, I like Becky. And when she tied Sam to her bed, stuffed a rag in his mouth and gently caressed his pecs while baring her soul, I thought it was kind of sweet in a crazy sort of way.

#29 Dean Flirts with a Guy

To help Charlie get past the male security guard, Dean offered up his brilliant advice by telling her what to say to flirt with the security guard. Sam’s uncontrollable laughter was the correct response to this situation.

#28 The Exploding Birthday Cake

The opening title sequence for “Season 7, Time for a Wedding” started with a wedding cake for Sam and Becky, but then it exploded like the black Leviathan goo in a wonderfully silly little gift.

#27 Death vs. Castiel

In the season premiere, Dean, Bobby and Sam used Death to try to defeat Castiel, but instead they got a brilliantly witty and terrifying bit of exposition about the Leviathans.

#26 Sam Kills Dean’s Daughter

It wasn’t a huge surprise that Sam killed Dean’s Amazon daughter since it was a reflection of what Dean did to Amy, but the way he did it so suddenly definitely gave me a jolt.

#25 Bobby and Dean Play Catch

A sweet memory from Bobby’s mind, we saw him with a young Dean, just playing a little catch like a father and son. It’s not the gun training John Winchester wanted, but it was a tender moment that showed just how much Bobby cares for the boys.

#24 Sam’s First Kiss

Sam’s flashbacks to his budding romance with Amy were sweet, and nothing was more adorable than seeing Sam share his first kiss, with a monster no less.

#23 Cas and Dean Play “Sorry”

In a wonderfully silly yet poignant moment, Castiel, gone slightly crazy by taking on Sam’s pain, attempted to apologize to Dean the best way he could: by holding up the board game “Sorry” and offering to play it with Dean.

#22 Bobby Gets Shot

An incredibly sad and shocking twist, while on the run from the Leviathans, Sam and Dean discovered that Bobby’s hat had a bullet hole in it and their surrogate father figure had been shot.

#21 Bobby Says Goodbye to His “Idjits”

In true Bobby fashion, his final living word to Sam and Dean was to call them “Idjits.” No other word more perfectly sums up his character.

Bobby Says Goodbye to His “Idjits”

#20 The Return of Bobby

A genuine shock, Jim Beaver returned as a ghost at the end of an episode, watching as Dean and Sam left without being able to see him.

#19 The Return of Lucifer

Supernatural has some of the best recurring guest stars ever, and when Mark Pellegrino returned after being MIA for all of season 6, he was better than ever.

#18 Leviathans Rise

Though underused and mismanaged, the Leviathans, as a concept, were my favorite Supernatural villains ever. They rose to power in a big and scary way at the end of the season 7 premiere as they took over Castiel’s vessel.

Leviathans Rise

#17 Mr. Fizzles

Garth’s ridiculous sock puppet was so silly I couldn’t help but laugh at it and love it.

#16 Dean Gets Stoned on Pepperjack Turducken Slammers

It’s always fun when Jensen Ackles gets to do comedy, and when Dean got stoned and worry-free off the Leviathan’s secret recipe for the Pepperjack Turducken Slammer, he was hilarious as usual.

#15 Charlie’s Dance of Joy

While listening to Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine,” computer genius Charlie got to work at Richard Roman Enterprises and danced her funky little heart out in the elevator ride up. It was the very definition of adorkable.

#14 Lucifer’s Forked Tongue

A brilliant and hilarious sight gag, Lucifer stuck out his tongue while annoying Sam and we saw that the devil really does have a forked tongue.

Lucifer’s Forked Tongue

#13 The Witch Marriage Counseling Session

Watching James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel go head-to-head as an old pair of married witches causing death and destruction as a way of dealing with a simple marital dispute was hilarious.

#12 Ghost Bobby’s Death

The finale’s most touching moment came when Bobby realized he was too dangerous as a ghost and ordered Sam and Dean to burn the flask and kill him for good. Saying goodbye to Bobby once was hard enough, but having to do it a second time was worse.

#11 Castiel’s Death

A bittersweet moment for a great character, Cas, possessed by the Leviathans, wandered into the water and exploded, leaving nothing but his iconic trenchcoat for Dean to find. Thankfully, he later returned.

#10 Dean Gets Sexy with Lydia

This baby-making scene was hot and steamy, except for the fact that it was cut up by scenes of another man getting viciously hacked to pieces.

#9 The Return of the Impala

Oh Dean’s baby, how we missed you. Sam and Dean were forced to abandon the Impala at the start of the season because of the Leviathans, and it’s absence has been felt. Luckily Dean brought it out of retirement for the final assault on the Leviathans, and the bitching “Born to Be Wild” montage was everything I could’ve asked for and more.

#8 Dean Chops His Leviathan Clone’s Head Off

There’s something cathartic about killing yourself, and that’s what Dean got to experience when he took an ax and chapped the head off of his evil doppelganger.

#7 Little Bobby Shoots His Father

This may be Bobby’s defining moment as a human being. When he was younger, he stopped his drunk dad from abusing his mother by pulling out a rifle and shooting him. Killing your own dad, no matter how awful he is, will definitely screw you up and explains Bobby’s generally gruff attitude.

#6 The Sam and Dean Leviathan Clones in the Diner

Line-for-line, one of the funniest scenes of season 7 came when the two Leviathans posing as Sam and Dean had a conversation about how much they hate the actual Winchesters, listing all of their faults and problems.

The Sam and Dean Leviathan Clones in the Diner

#5 Dean and Cas Go to Purgatory

A final cliffhanger as big and game-changing as season 3 when Dean went to Hell, Cas and Dean woke up in a dark and scary forest surrounded by the sounds of dead monsters. After talking about Purgatory for two seasons, we finally saw it, and it’s not a nice place to be.

#4 Sam vs. the Clowns

Sam’s fear of clowns was put to the test when two of them teamed up to put a smackdown on him, using seltzer bottles, tire irons and more. It was just plain silly to watch, especially when they burst into glitter.

#3 Dean Kills Amy

A moment that was surprisingly chilling, Dean ganked a monster, but for once it was a tough choice and one that was upsetting given how good-hearted she was.

#2 The Unicorn That Farts Rainbows

There have been plenty of strange creatures on this show, but a unicorn? And not just any unicorn, but one that farts rainbows as it gallops away after a kill? That’s just crazy.

#1 Bobby’s Final Memory

As the lights faded on Bobby’s life, he held on to one last memory, his favorite memory, and it was wonderfully insignificant. Bobby watched as Sam and Dean bickered over movie candy, and while it might not carry the weight of the world like so many other moments in his life, it represented a time when he was truly happy, just spending time with his two surrogate sons, not worrying about the monsters and demons around every turn.

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