Hogan Knows Best star and professional wrestler Hulk Hogan has blasted media reports that his 17-year-old son’s tarnished driving record and penchant for racing might be the cause of the devastating car crash his son was involved in late last month.

“The most important thing to me was from all the eyewitnesses and everyone that was there and saw it was that they were not racing,” Hogan told television magazine The Insider.  His son, Nick, had been driving the Toyota Supra that crashed into a tree in Florida on August 26.  22-year-old marine John Graziano, who was on the passenger seat, sustained serious injuries.

Hogan’s interview with The Insider took place after several media write-ups surfaced, claiming Nick had racked up four speeding tickets in the past year alone.  Lending to the buzz were the reports of several witnesses who claimed Nick was chasing after a silver Dodge Viper prior to the accident.

“It’s just so unfair,” the Hogan Knows Best star told The Insider.  “Just the way the media jumped on my son and just the way they portrayed him.  From my gut, it’s something that has torn two families apart, and we’re just so close to John’s family. “

According to Hulk Hogan, he and Nick, who co-stars in Hogan Knows Best, were planning to eat out on the day of the accident.  Nick paged him, saying he was going ahead to the restaurant because they didn’t have a table waiting.  Hogan was on his way to meet Nick when he came across the scene of the accident.

“I was going down our normal route…I saw this yellow car all twisted—and bam—it was my car,” Hulk Hogan said.  “When I saw the wreck I didn’t think anybody was alive.  I thought no one could have lived through a wreck like that.”

Fortunately, both Nick and his friend survived the accident, though Graziano remains in critical condition.  Doctors have been unable to operate on Graziano due to brain swelling, but Hogan, who said Graziano is like a son to him, feels everything will turn out well.

“[Nick’s] going to be okay.  John’s going to be okay, and if things keep going the way they’re going…  Nick and I are going to walk John right out of that hospital,” he said.

Graziano’s mother, Debra, shares Hogan’s optimistic outlook.  She e-mailed St. Petersburg Bay News 9 and expressed her appreciation for the Hogans and all the prayers and support she has been receiving from the community.

“They came and faced our family and friends not knowing what response they would get,” Debra said.  “Nick is experiencing every step in the process with us.  His parents are holding him accountable as any good parent would.  He is a 17-year-old who is suffering watching his friend…  you can imagine how he feels.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online, The Insider
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