The Lost producers have broken radio silence yet again, this time to Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) magazine.  Lost showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof entertained a sidebar interview with the eminent gaming magazine to answer some pressing questions about the upcoming Lost video game from Ubisoft.  Simple stuff like, are the numbers involved, do you have to play the game to understand the show, and so on.  Read on for a little bit of what they had to say.

One thing the Lost crew has handled admirably is their growth as a brand.  Particularly with mystery shows, the tendency to hide bits of the plot in off screen graphic novels, video games, or alternate reality games has been avoided completely by the ethical crew behind Lost.  You will never need to do anything other than watch the show to understand it completely.

“In terms of solving mysteries, we leave that to the mothership. The game basically just deals with Elliott’s mysteries. He’s actually able to explore a couple of areas of the island that our characters either haven’t found or have chosen not to explore, but other than that, I think if we revealed major mysteries in the game, the audience who watches the show would be pissed off.” Damon Lindelof told EGM.

The game will, however, explore new territory that will never be seen on the show, such as what lay behind the concrete hallway in the Swan station. “What the game does, though, is the character explores things that you’ve seen on the show that you maybe wanted to know more about. What’s behind the wall in the Hatch, where the mysterious electromagnetism is…” Carlton Cuse revealed.

While the game will feature many of the fan favorite characters, players will take on the persona of Elliot, one of the red shirts who, in this alternate universe, spearheaded his own island adventure.

The game is being released on multiple platforms and is currently slated for first quarter, 2008.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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