Ultimate Rudeness, Part Two! Can you handle it? I’m not sure I can. But here goes, The Real Housewives of New York continue their super-sized reunion. It can be quite interesting, when you can actually understand what they’re saying, to hear what the women think of the show itself, rather than acting within the show. Here are the highlights:

The Housewives get downright rude right away. They start talking about the kids, and then it really got Blondes vs Brunettes when Jill made fun of Ramona’s intimate massage scene. Ramona has opted to blame Avery on her not participating in LuAnn’s video.

The New Jill is basically the old Jill. She’s not staying away from gossip and drama, and she can’t help who she is.

All the brunettes went after Alex, starting with Kelly’s, “excuse me Ms McCord? Are you smoking crack?!”

Ramona’s relationship with Pinot Grigio. The viewers think Ramona has a drinking problem, but Ramona denies it. That’s the first sign of a problem, isn’t it? Then Ramona placed Jill in AA. I don’t know if this is relevant, but Ramona really looks and behaves like a muppet.

The Countess talks “the c word.” It turns out that the Countess is sometimes very rude. She meant for it to be “fun.” It’s almost creepier when they get mad at each other with smiles on their faces. I did enjoy Alex trying to call LuAnn rude, who corrected her, “no, you’re being rude.” “No!” Alex shrieked.

“Is there a homeless person walking around in that dress?” Andy Cohen asks of the S&M bandage dress that Alex donated to LuAnn’s charity.

Alex and Simon: still the worst. What is Simon’s deal, though? I mean, really. Enough with the “mean-tweeting,” everyone.

“It wasn’t actually, we checked the tape.” Andy Cohen is keeping these women in line, before they spiral back into their tornado of lies.

Cindy didn’t say anything the entire second half. You go, girl. Distance yourself while there’s still time to be reasonable.

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