A lot of weight was put on this week’s Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 13, but really, it’s just for bragging rights. Even if the nominations change, the outcome will probably be the same.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Daniele is the HoH and she nominated Brendon and Rachel. Jeff, Adam and orsche were chosen to play in the PoV competition.

Brendon won the Power of Veto.

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Well, I guess that’s a moral victory for him, but I’m not sure how much it really matters. Now comes the hard part: Does he save himself or his fiancee? Regardless, Daniele is working overtime to ensure that her replacement nominee doesn’t get evicted, and it’s basically between Jeff, Jordan and Shelly.

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Brendon spent all of last night talking about how he was going to destroy Daniele in the competition and how, if he goes, he wants everyone to promise to evict Daniele as soon as possible. It’s amazing how he thinks Daniele is ONLY targeting Brendon and Rachel because they evicted her best friend Dominic, yet his only response is to be equally vindictive and want Daniele out just because she split up the engaged couple. Luckily, when he was telling this to Jeff and Shelly, they very carefully didn’t actually say “Yes,” just that they know where she’s at and that they’re not stupid.

The stupidity is reserved for Brendon and Rachel, who play the game with their emotions on their sleeves. Rachel is pouting and sulking nonstop about how she can’t play the game without Brendon, but the truth is that she’s NEVER played without Brendon. Before she came onto season 12, Rachel must’ve thought she could win and, at that time, she didn’t know who Brendon was. It is sad how hopelessly dependent she is.

As for the future, it could be interesting. Jeff and Jordan have already talked about how next week they would try to backdoor Daniele (claiming that their one-week deal with her only covered original nominations, which is just in bad faith). Porsche has sworn to play with whatever member of Team Brenchel is left and they’re already talking about needing to get Shelly out of the house (though Daniele and Kalia are equally big targets). I’m starting to think that Daniele’s “big move” is going to cause a hilariously undeserving finale where people like Adam and Lawon float into the final four.

And now, for fun, let’s look at how many PoV competitions the remaining HGs have played in:

Rachel, Brendon and Jeff: 4/4
Jordan and Adam: 3/4
Porsche: 2/4
Daniele: 1/4
Kalia, Lawon and Shelly: 0/4

And here are some fun facts: Rachel has played in EVERY SINGLE PoV competition that’s ever been played while she’s in the house across both seasons (that’s now nine in a row). Of course it’s easier to believe when you realize that her name was randomly chosen only twice, since she was HoH or a nominee seven of those times.

Brendon, on the other hand, has only missed out on one (the fourth week of last season, when he hosted the Wizards of Pinball). So that’s 11/12 PoV competitions for him. Similarly to Rachel, he was only randomly chosen three times and was a nominee, HoH, or partner of the HoH every other time.

And over the course of two seasons, Brenchel have now won a combined 11 HoH and PoV competitions. Rachel has four HoHs, Brendon has one HoH and five PoVs, and they have one combined PoV win. This sixth PoV win for Brendon moves him into second place for all-time Veto wins. Here’s the current list.

All-Time Power of Veto Wins
Janelle (seasons 6 and 7): 7 PoVs
Brendon (seasons 12 and 13): 6 PoVs
James (seasons 6 and 7) and Daniele (seasons 8 and 13): 5 PoVs each

All-Time HoH Wins
Janelle (seasons 6 and 7): 5 HoHs
Rachel (seasons 12 and 13), Drew (season 5) and Mike Boogie (seasons 2 and 7): 4 HoHS each
Daniele (seasons 8 and 13) and Jordan (seasons 11 and 13): 3 HoHs each

There are a few others with three wins for HoH (including Evel Dick and Jessie Godderz), so I only included the ones who could still do it again.

Yet Brendon and Rachel can’t make it far in the game, which just shows me that their social game has to be one of the worst in Big Brother history, because in competitions, they’re certainly the best.

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