For three straight weeks on Big Brother 13, Rachel and the veterans have had total power and made every single decision. But now the power shifts, as it always done, and Rachel views it as a personal attack on her. If one person hated her in the house, maybe it’s them. If it’s two, then it’s still just a coincidence. But Rachel has gotten into fights with Daniele, Kalia and Cassi this year, and Raga, Britney, Monet and Kristen last season. With all of this information, it’s abundantly clear to me that they’re not the problem, it’s Rachel.

“And She’s Back in the Game, Folks”

We see the conclusion of the endurance HoH competition, and more important than who wins is who everyone else cheers for. Rachel starts by screaming “Go Brendon!” before adding as an afterthought, “And good luck everyone else.” Throughout the competition, Rachel and the other veterans who fall all cheer on Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Porsche, not once mentioning Kalia or Daniele, which does not go unnoticed. At least Adam picks up on this and chimes in support for everyone after Rachel gives her pointed cheers.

9 Minutes: Adam falls and he’s gets an elf costume for the week.
19 Minutes: Lawon falls and is a Have-Not.
35 Minutes: Brendon falls and is a Have-Not.
51 Minutes: Jeff falls and wins $10,000.
57 Minutes: Jordan falls and is a Have-Not.
1 Hour, 16 Minutes: Porsche falls.
1 Hour, 27 Minutes: Shelly falls.
1 Hour, 37 Minutes: Kalia jumps off.

After Shelly falls, nobody says anything. Worse, as expected, Brendon whines that Kalia’s muffin top was the only reason she did so well and Rachel proudly boasts that she would’ve won if she got to play. In a brilliant edit, Daniele then whispers to Kalia that she bets Rachel is saying exactly that. With Daniele winning, she and Kalia have a “happy, happy, joy, joy” dance party.

“The Victim Pity Party of the Year”

Rachel instantly goes into pouty mode once Daniele wins, and it’s not made easier with Brendon constantly telling her not to be upset. Kalia tries to be a decent person and says she has no beef with Rachel, but it’s pointless because Rachel has a meltdown and thinks Kalia’s attacking her. Brenchel then goes off to whine and bitch about how stupid Kalia is and how much they hate her. It’s embarrassing that Rachel thinks anyone who ever does anything against her in the game is being mean.

The pity party extends to the HoH room, where everyone is quiet and awkward. Rachel seems to be so delusional that she thinks everyone loved her room because they liked her and not because they were mature enough to put on a brave face.


As for the week’s nominations, Daniele makes a one-week truce with Jeff and Jordan, promising that they are not her targets in exchange for her safety next week. In a perfect metaphor, this alliance between two sides who were at war last week is followed by President Obama’s speech about reaching a deal on the debt ceiling. Yes, the debt ceiling interrupted Big Brother 13, which is just another reason I hate the debt ceiling.

“I Will Be Elf ‘Til I Die”

We get a three-tiered bit of comedic relief for this episode. First, Adam puts on his elf costume and Jeff is in awe because he’s never seen a chain-smoking elf. Adam is obviously a great sport about it because he loves Big Brother and enjoys the screentime. Then we see Rachel and Porsche running around the backyard, and Rachel totally falls, which is funny for me. That’s followed by the Have-Nots getting seaweed and sardines, which no one is happy about.

“I’m Not Afraid to Get Blood on My Hands”

Before the nominations, Brendon and Rachel try to talk Daniele into keeping all of the veterans to reform their final five alliance. Of course, the fact that Brendon still thinks what happened last week was personal and not gameplay is idiotic. Brendon even says in the diary room that he’d be true to his word about keeping Daniele safe if she worked with them again, but I still doubt it, and so does Daniele. Plus, she’s not here to make the final five with the veterans, she’s here to win, and she knows being in the final five with both power couples would make it very hard for her to win.

Daniele nominates Brendon and Rachel and explains that it’s because she trusted them last week and they turned against her, which is true. Daniele may have drawn the line in the sand, but Rachel and Brendon chose Jeff and Jordan over her. So, of course, Rachel immediately says that her decision was “100 percent personal.” Does Rachel even understand how stupid she looks when she says things like that, especially when she then adds that now her only goal is to evict the person who splits up her and her man? Newsflash, Rachel: You’re what “100 percent personal” looks like.

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