If you haven’t followed the live feeds and spoilers and don’t know who the new HoH is on Big Brother 13 yet, then you probably aren’t reading this article. If you are, then you know there’s going to be a big power shift this week.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

Daniele is the HoH and she nominated Brendon and Rachel.

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Well isn’t this familiar. Rachel wins two early HoHs, thinks she’s in complete control of everything, and then she and Brendon go up on the block together. It’s exactly what happened last season, which means their game is every bit as bad as it was last year.

Throughout the morning, Daniele has been making deals to try and ensure her safety in the future. The biggest deal came when she assured Jeff and Jordan that they’re safe if they promise not to put her up next week if either of them wins HoH. Jeff took the deal ASAP. Daniele also struck up deals of protection with most of the newbies, but it’s hard to tell if they’re being honest. Unless Shelly’s talking to Jordan or Jeff, I assume she’s lying, and Porsche is so far up Brenchel’s butt I can see the top of her head every time Rachel opens her giant mouth.

I respect that Daniele is sticking to the plan and not falling for Rachel’s pathetic attempts to stay safe by throwing as many people under the bus as possible (like Lawon, Kalia and Shelly). While Daniele was talking to Kalia, she finally said the one thing I’ve been saying all along: Rachel thinks there are only two kinds of people in the house, those who are with her and floaters.

Shelly might be the lightening rod Daniele needs, because Rachel, Brendon and Porsche are all turning against her big time, but since Jeff and Jordan like and trust Shelly, it might split up the power couples.

If I have one problem with Daniele’s deal, it’s about what happens if/when Rachel or Brendon wins the Power of Veto. Since she promised Jeff and Jordan they’re safe, Daniele would have to put up a newbie, but there’s no guarantee that the pawn wouldn’t go home and all four members of the power couples would stay.

If Daniele nominates Lawon, Kalia or Adam, they’d be gone in a heartbeat. If Porsche were up, the three voting veterans would all evict her, so Daniele would need to trust that Shelly wouldn’t flip to that side yet again. Her best bet in that scenario might be nominating Shelly. Jeff and Jordan adore her and I’m not sure they’d have the heart to evict her. Forcing them to choose between the veterans and Shelly would be hard, but it’s possible Brenchel and Porsche could sway Jeff and Jordan to their side and send Shelly home.

No matter what, it’s not a slam dunk that Brendon or Rachel will go home yet. The Power of Veto competition is going to be fierce and Team Brenchel will be in full crazy mode, provided Rachel stops crying about how mean Daniele is being. Does she seriously think that nominating them is a personal attack and not a strategic decision? Whatever, I just pray one of them is gone at the end of the week.

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