First, the bad news: I was wrong in saying Glee is skipping a week next week.  It’s skipping two weeks!  Two freaking weeks!  We can get through this, gleeks.  We waited four months for the second episode.  We can do two weeks.

And then the good news: we have details on the five new episodes that’ll air after those two Glee-less weeks!  Fair play, yeah.

I should learn to look at the show’s official wiki, because that’s how the folks at Entertainment Weekly found them.  But the best we can do is connect the dots together.  Ready for the deets?

Episode 9: “Wheels” (airing November 11)
Glee returns from its two-week hiatus with an Artie-focused episode.  Kevin McHale did reveal way back that there’d be an episode where we’ll see things from his perspective, right?  Well, in this episode, Will encourages everyone to support their resident guy on wheels by having them perform in a wheelchair.  And, in other matters, Kurt and Rachel fight for a big solo.  And we get to hear “Defying Gravity” from Wicked in this episode, too, although you can hear this song when the Glee soundtrack is released a couple of weeks before.

Episode 10: “Ballads” (airing November 18)
Will splits up the glee club in pairs and gets them to sing ballads, but one of the kids gets sick, he is forced to substitute, and things get awkward.  Or at least that’s how I understand it.  If he is going to substitute with someone, who will he sing with?  Rachel?  Quinn?  Finn?  Puck?  Puck is the closest to awkward, right?  Oh, and also, Finn meets Quinn’s parents.  So shall we presume that mom and pop know about the pregnancy?  (And didn’t burn Quinn to a stake like a witch, as she described?)

Episode 11: “Hairography” (airing November 25)
This was the episode where Whitney Houston was supposed to guest star.  She did turn down the offer, and the role went to rapper Eve.  Here, she plays an instructor from a rival glee club, who comes into the picture as New Directions check out their competition at sectionals.  (Guess: she’s working with the kids at the “halfway house for juvy offenders.”  I hope I got Merc’s quote right.)  Also, Kurt gives Rachel a make-over.  Is it farewell, knee-high socks?

Episode 12: “Once, Upon A Mattress” (airing TBA)
Remember the behind-the-scenes photos we showed, that of the glee kids singing on top of mattresses?  Surely this is where it happens.  I still don’t know why Finn isn’t in those photos, though.  I can only guess that the episode will feature songs from the musical Once Upon a Mattress, which makes it all natural.  (Factoid: the Glee Wiki says the episode was also named after the film Once.  Do I smell a couple singing “Falling Slowly”?  Man, goosebump alert.)

Episode 13: “Sectionals” (airing TBA)
Okay, so I don’t have a clue what’ll go on in this episode.  But the folks at the Los Angeles Times have had their hands on behind-the-scenes pics from sectionals for a while now, so you might wanna check them out for a clue.

Giddy for which episode?  Go on, sound off.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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