Finn?  Puck?  No.  Sorry.

Jonathan Groff has signed up for five or six of episodes of Glee, according to series creator Ryan Murphy.  He told Entertainment Weekly that the Taking Woodstock star will appear as the lead male vocalist for Vocal Adrenaline, that other show choir with over-aged singers and a vomit-inducing routine–oh, and “Rehab” too.

“He is a male diva,” Murphy said of his character.  “A miva.”

The character is also said to be a(nother) potential love interest for Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry.  Makes sense, really: these two worked together before.  They were the leads in the Tony-winning Broadway musical Spring Awakening, so if anything is certain, it’s that these two already have chemistry.

The news comes just as Joss Whedon confirmed that he is directing one episode of the series.  That aside, though, I smell a lot of fireworks coming on.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of Playbill)

Henrik Batallones

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