While the CW only has eight shows on TV right now, the network is working hard to find the next popular series by developing shows for pilot season.  Traditionally, networks start out with a large number of shows in development, then some will get made into pilots, then the network will choose some of those to add to its schedule for Fall 2010.

Right now, the CW has at least eight very interesting projects in development, one of which could be the next Vampire Diaries or the next Gossip Girl.  Which one will it be?  Check out the initial descriptions to pick your favorite.

Spy School for Girls
From One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn, this is a show about a group of female CIA trainees.  It sounds a bit like what Veronica Mars season 4 was supposed to be.

Also from Schwahn, as well as country singer Brad Paisley, this is a drama about aspiring country music singers.  Unfortunately, it currently has the same title as the awful and short-lived FOX reality series with the same premise.

Plymouth Rock
Created by Veronica Mars‘ Rob Thomas, this is a futuristic soap opera about a group of young astronauts traveling in search of a habitable planet.  It’s kind of like Ronald D. Moore’s Virtuality, only with more attractive young people.

Confessions of a Backup Dancer
From the creator of The L Word, this drama is behind-the-scenes look at a famous pop singer, as told through the PoV of a backup dancer.  Basically, if you replace the word “dancer” with “model,” this sounds like The Beautiful Life.

A drama about the world of competitive cheerleading, this show is being produced by Tom Welling.  I have no idea what Clark Kent knows about cheerleading, but he’s working with Kevin Murphy, who also worked on Desperate Housewives, Reaper and co-wrote the movie-musical Reefer Madness, as well as an upcoming Broadway musical version of Heathers.

The March Sisters
This is a modern, very loose adaptation of Little Women, but probably with less death.

Bitches in Britches
My favorite title ever, this is about the equestrian world.  As a former equestrian myself (though I was so bad I couldn’t even make the horse stop or go), I can assure you there is plenty of awesome material for a series here, though I suspect the title would be changed.

Untitled New York Socialite Drama
All I really know is that it’s about a New York socialite.  In other words, it could be like Gossip Girl, if the show was only about Serena.  Thanks, but no thanks.

So from those eight shows, which ones do you think have a chance of making it to air, and which one are you most excited about?  I’m rooting for Bitches in Britches, not just for the title, but so that everyone will learn what dressage is.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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