Recently, TV networks have been experiencing an unexplained drop in viewership.  Huge ratings dips have the entire industry perplexed but network executives are not taking this trend lying down.  In an unprecedented move, all five of the networks have decided to pool their efforts by combining their most popular shows in order to create single ratings powerhouses.  Take a look at what is already in development for the fall:


The Lost Heroes

As New York City nears destruction, Hiro saves the cheerleader and all of her paranormal pals by transporting them all to an uninhabited island in the Pacific.  Once there, Hiro’s powers go on the fritz after the group gets too close to a mysterious hatch, stranding the Heroes on the island forever.
Or until the series finale which ever comes first.

Dancing with the CSI’s

The casts of CSI, CSI Miami, CSI New York and NCIS compete for the title of Lord of the Death Dance as they show off their forensic skills while Riverdancing in front of a live audience.  Says CSI star William Petersen, “it’s not the dancing part that’s throwing us off our game, it’s the “live” part, as we’re mostly used to dealing with the dead.”  Handicappers say that despite the fact that he’s older than the combined age of the full cast of any other TV show,  NCIS star David McCallum is likely to win the competition since he’s from Scotland.


Betty’s Anatomy

Seattle Grace Hospital is turned upside down when an ugly duckling intern (who’s beautiful on the inside) joins the staff.  To make matters worse, the new head of the hospital is a former fashion diva who insists on taking hospital scrubs to the next level and Tyra Banks joins the cast as the vindictive head of human resources who will eliminate one intern per week based on their performance in an emergency room challenge.


The Search for the Next Winchester Brother

Sam and Dean learn that they have another brother who was kidnapped at birth by a band of bulky wrestlers.  The only clues they have to his whereabouts are a pink feather boa and a pair of stiletto heels.  Despite the fact that Sam is creeped out by the implication (Dean, however, thinks it’s really hot), the brothers set out on a cross-country search posing as talent scouts for an upcoming CW reality series.  Will they locate the man who has what it takes to be The Next Winchester Brother?  Stay tuned and find out.


The All-American Idol Channel

Starting in the fall, Fox has announced that they will switch their schedule to an all American Idol format running nothing but American Idol and American Idol related programming 24/7.
Tell us what *you* think the networks should do this fall to drive up ratings.

-Contributed by Cynthia Boris

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