This week on Hart of Dixie, Zoe enters a gumbo contest to compete with Brick, but the two must work together to save a man’s life after a farming accident.

Snakes are Simple Living

Zoe is still the town pariah but down South it sounds more like ‘pair-I-ah’ to me. Apparently, she is still in New York mode though she’s lived in Bluebell long enough to ruin a couple of great events. Luckily, there is this cool Southern Asian waitress who is just awesome for her one-liners who can put everyone in her place.

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this episode, let me just state that Rachel Bilson is kind of adorable when she’s snarky and sweet (but we already knew that). But again: what is she wearing? I hate her skirts/shorts.

Because Bluebell is one of those cute small towns stuck on TV traditions, the town has an annual Gumbo competition. Personally, I like Gumbo but I also like Justin Bieber sort of. Yeah. While Zoe is lying through her teeth about cooking and gumbo, she has to go to work!

At work, Zoe Hart is thrust with another Southern tradition: snake bites. Of course, Zoe knows little of snake bites and needs to research it by going on a field trip! Wade drives her to the old house where everyone goes to get laid or scared. Instantly, we know Zoe is going to get bit but if we think positively about that, Zoe can claim battle scars!

Cast Bonding

Oh, I still hate those credits. They annoy me so much in another wise solid show. Now, for those obsessed with coupledom, we hit the romance angle. George and Lemon are walking and talking about Resident Evil: Zoe Hart. First, why are George and Lemon walking at the pace of disabled snails? Seriously, like one step a second. Second, I like that George stands his ground against the manipulative Lemon, even if the real reason is that he harbors a crush on Zoe. Lemon asks George not talk to Zoe. So he does exactly that.

George takes Zoe grocery shopping on the farms because she doesn’t know what food looks like (um, we already knew that). But she does know how to shop. Zoe and George bond over eating at the same places in NYC which bothers me. Is New York really that great in which everyone eats at the same places? I get that they need to bond but LAME.

This is a better bonding session. And in a cute way to get the cast to intersect with one another, Wade gives Lavon tips on wooing the ladies, specifically Dede (they never clarified the spelling for me) the new receptionist. Lavon was a professional football player no? He should have game. Lemon must have pulled a number on him. So Wade acts like Dede and Lavon is uncomfortable and it is unoriginal but not uninspired.

Any Dumbo Can Make Some Gumbo

At the farmer’s market, there is a farmer’s accident in which his hand is nearly severed. Zoe only has one hand from her snake injury so she and Brick work together. Speculating here people, but wouldn’t it be an even greater twist if Zoe was actually the daughter of Brick?

Brick and Zoe must work together to save this poor man’s life because Zoe is a surgeon and Brick is a small town doctor and he’s like old and stuff. Complaint: why would she know how to stitch a hand up if she wanted to do something with hearts? Granted, all of my knowledge of surgery came from two begrudgingly watched seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. And it wasn’t even the two good seasons. But when all is said and done, Brick is the hero.

Zoe needs to mix it up with the community and have some of that humble pie the South is known for. Zoe is angry that he is taking all the credit, but Brick makes some good points. He calmed the patient down, he went to the hospital, he told the wife. He saved the man’s life just as much as she did. I’ve complained before about Rachel Bilson’s warmth overshadowing the alleged coldness of the character, but here is an excellent example of how her cold arrogance actually just masks her inexperience. Brick wins the gumbo contest. Zoe wins second place with Wade’s gumbo. Brick and Zoe have a truce to learn from one another.

Is Scott Porter getting better looking with every episode? Honestly, he looks great here when he wants to stick up for Zoe. But he decides better of it with Zoe’s new found humility and comes clean to Lemon. They agree to disagree and I actually want them to work a little bit. But then I remember that Lemon just manipulated that poor new secretary into going away. But the mayor plays just as dirty since he got Dede a job at George Tucker’s office. Touché this two are made for each other. Also, Lemon wears ugly lipstick.


“Moral victories bite. I’m getting a drink.” Zoe, being humble and underrated.

“Asking Wade how to woo women is like asking a hunter to train bears.” The waitress!

“She’s a doctor?” “I know right? Weird.” Dede, mentioning how Zoe could be a doctor.

“I wish I had my gun.” I need to learn the pretty Asian waitress’ name. She’s just awesome sauce.

Last Look

I really do enjoy this show. It is a little generic and expecting but hopefully it can find a different groove in later episodes. After all, this is only the third episode. I am also falling deeply in love with both George and Wade at the same time. My sympathies for Zoe.

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