After far too many months absent from our televisions, the season 7 premiere of Bones will finally air on Thursday, November 3. But if you can’t wait until then, we have a preview of what audiences can expect when Bones returns.

WARNING: While there are no specific spoilers in this article, there are hints and a few basic details about the Bones season 7 premiere. If you have an admirable level of self-restraint and don’t want to know anything at all about Bones before the airdate, don’t read this. Otherwise, carry on.

The Bones season 7 premiere, “The Memories in the Shallow Grave,” finds the Jeffersonian team hard at work to solve the case of a woman found decomposing in a park. Additional mystery comes when the victim turns out to be a woman who had suffered from severe amnesia before her death. Thus — as is so often the case with amnesia on television — things are far more confusing than they first appear.

But we know you’re not hungering for lots of information about the case. After all, there is far, far more to Bones than murder investigations.

Without giving too many details of the spoiler variety, here are some things you can expect in “The Memories in the Shallow Grave:”

  • Lovers of Community will find certain aspects of the opening to be very familiar.
  • The Bones season 7 premiere picks up several months after the events seen in the season 6 finale. This would explain Brennan’s shape.

Click here to see a video of a very pregnant Brennan in a clip from the Bones season 7 premiere.

  • Just because Bones has gotten all lovey-dovey, don’t think that this means less disgusting gore. The body discovery ranks among the most nauseating in the show’s history.
  • The squintern of the week is Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry). He seems to be finding his pregnant boss to be even more demanding than usual.
  • In terms of standard dialog, don’t expect a lot of changes from Brennan and Booth. Considering the witty banter of the past six seasons on Bones, this is a good thing.
  • Booth and Brennan both express a fondness for tree houses during the episode.
  • Some interesting photos are discussed. One involves an omelet.
  • As far as the Booth/Brennan relationship is concerned, let’s just say that the shippers will most likely be happy.

Check out this promo video for the Bones season 7 premiere!

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What do you want from Bones season 7? Do you care more about the crimes or the people on Bones? What kind of a couple might Brennan and Booth be? Let us know in the comments section below!

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