Apparently it was much easier getting rid of Peter than it will be to get him back.

In the first two episodes of Fringe season 4, the only glimpses of Peter Bishop have been swiftly-disappearing reflections, disembodied voices and a whole lot of existential wistfulness. But that’s what you have to expect when you erase a character from existence, as Fringe did at the end of season 3.

Now that it’s high time for Peter to come back, how will the show manage it? According to recent spoilers, the return of Peter Bishop to Fringe season 4 will be very, very difficult.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Although they are very vague and probably won’t spoil a show as twisted and complicated as Fringe, it’s probably best to avoid them anyway.

When will Peter return to Fringe?
No clue. The only spoilers on that bit of information indicate that Peter’s return is imminent. Hopefully, we’ll see him in the next episode or two.

Click here to watch the “Here is Peter Bishop” promo video.

What will be the general reaction to Peter?
In essence, no one will be all that please to see Peter. They do not, after all, remember anything about the man. So we can’t expect Peter to be welcomed back with open arms. On the contrary, there may be a lot of hostility.

Although the spoilers indicate that Peter will remember everything that happened in the first three seasons of Fringe (including, of course, his own existence), no one else will have any clue about the guy who has suddenly appeared in their midst. posted an interview with several members of the Fringe cast that shed some light on the situation. According to Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham), “You see a man come back to a life and people that he know, but they don’t know him. He’s a stranger to everyone, except he knows a lot of stuff.”

Lance Reddick, who plays Fringe division’s boss, Broyles, added, “When he shows up claiming all these things and knowing all these things, it’s really freaky.

In an interview with, Jasika Nicole (Astrid) indicated that things might even get hostile between Peter and his former friends. She even called Peter’s reintegration into the universe “a battle” and added, “It’s not a welcome home. And it might even be the opposite of a welcome home.”

What will happen to Peter next?
Of course, someone who knows as much as Peter does about the Fringe universe isn’t going to be ignored, even if nobody can understand his presence. The “Here is Peter Bishop” teaser promo shows a brief image of Peter in a hospital gown — maybe he ends up in the psych ward for all his crazy ramblings?

Even if Peter can keep himself free of incarceration, he still has to rebuild the bonds he remembers from before. Super-independent Olivia may not be ready for true love, and crazy Walter might take some convincing to recreate that father-son bond.

It’s going to be a rough road when Peter Bishop returns to Fringe.

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