No, it’s not the obvious White Collar star. It’s the other one.

In yet another piece of incredibly good casting news out of Chuck season 5, Tim DeKay — FBI Special Agent Peter Burke on White Collar — will appear on the show as a CIA agent from Sarah’s past.

The news comes from and indicates that DeKay will appear in episode 8 of Chuck‘s fifth season. DeKay’s character will be named Kieran Ryker, Sarah’s CIA handler from her early days. Ryker is supposed to be on the stoic and unemotional side, even if his presence incites feelings from Sarah — who will need to “confront her past and the choices she’s made.”

Episode 8 of Chuck season 5 will be titled “Chuck vs. the Baby” and seems set to be a very Sarah-centered entry into the season. The same episode will also feature guest star Cheryl Ladd as Emma, Sarah’s long-lost mother. (Click here for more details on Ladd’s Chuck role.)

Tim DeKay has gained fame playing a government agent on White Collar, and there may be a lot of parallels between that FBI-agent character and the Chuck CIA one. Keep in mind that Sarah Walker was a teenage grafter named Jenny Burton when the CIA grabbed her. Her first handler would have had to tame the criminal, much as DeKay’s Peter Burke keeps a leash on Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomer) on White Collar.

Does the presence of Tim DeKay indicate anything about a return to Chuck of DeKay’s White Collar co-star Matt Bomer? Bomer recurred on Chuck throughout seasons 1 and 2 as superspy (and Sarah’s ex-boyfriend and Chuck’s college roommate) Bryce Larkin.

Although Bryce Larkin died in the season 2 finale — and hasn’t been seen since — that’s never stopped anyone on a show like Chuck. Larkin himself had already managed to “die” once before the season 2 death ended his Chuck presence.

Whether or not Matt Bomer gets any sort of Chuck comeback, the presence of Tim DeKay ought to work well to help illuminate Sarah’s past in Chuck season 5.

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What will Sarah’s first CIA handler be like? Is there any chance at all for a Bryce Larkin return? Do you like the casting of Tim DeKay? Leave your comments below!

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