Supernatural slows things down this week with a cute little episode about Sam’s childhood romance with a monster. It’s kind of a Romeo and Juliet-style love story, complete with a very tragic ending that makes me kind of dislike Dean. Luckily the episode features references to Doctor Who, Kill Bill, Game of Thrones, and Jensen Ackles‘ film career to cleanse the palette.

Escape from Leviathan Hospital

After last week’s cliffhanger, the Winchesters were taken to the hospital run by the Leviathans, so Sam and Dean (now with a cast on his leg) has to escape with help from Bobby, who is alive. They run off to an old cabin that belonged to Rufus to hide out for three weeks. Bobby runs off to collect copies of all his one-of-a-kind monster books and Dean recuperates with the help of telenovelas and ads for My Bloody Valentine 3D, a cute shout-out to Ackles’ movie.

Unfortunately for them, the Leviathans are sneakier than expected. They know all of the Winchester brothers’ aliases and have a mole at the credit card company who tracks them. By the end of the episode the Leviathan is hot on their trail, but first he pours hot nacho cheese on a cashier to make him even more delicious. I’m going to assume this is a nice homage to the horrifying Game of Thrones scene where a character has melted gold poured over his head.

Sam and Amy: A Love Story

Sam sees a newspaper report about a string of murders and recognizes them from his childhood. Flashbacks show Young Sam (who looks eerily like young Jared Padalecki from the first season of Gilmore Girls, especially the hair) doing research and crushing on a young girl named Amy. They share a kiss (probably Sam’s first), but things get tricky when they figure out he’s a hunter and she’s a monster (a Kitsune, to be more specific).

Like Romeo and Juliet, they try to rise above their differences and Amy even kills her own mom when she was about to kill Sam. It’s a sweet story, and it’s equally sweet in the present when Sam learns that Amy is only killing people again to help cure her sick son, who needs fresh brains to eat instead of the usual stale ones they get from her job as a mortician. She uses the alias Amy Pond, aka the female lead on Doctor Who, and I much prefer someone who uses sci-fi aliases over rock star aliases.

In the end, Sam decides to let Amy live in peace if she promises never to kill again, and it’s a nice, heartwarming story. But only for a little while.

Dean Does Something Bad

After getting Sam, Dean goes off on his own to track Amy to a motel. He doesn’t believe that monsters can change and that, one day, she’ll kill again, so Dean stabs and kills her. I kind of get why he does it, but my jaw dropped and I really hated him for it, because the episode did such a great job of making her a very sympathetic monster.

Worse yet, Amy’s young son Jacob sees the whole thing and vows to kill Dean when he grows up. It’s ripped directly from the opening scene of Kill Bill, when the Bride kills Vernita Green in front of her daughter and then gives the daughter permission to come and try to kill her when she grows up. Dean at least has the decency to support the boy’s wish to kill him, though he doubts he’ll live long enough for it to matter.

Next week on Supernatural: Dean is put on trial by the Egyptian god Osiris for all of the bad things he’s done. Good, because there needs to be some fallout from his not-so-nice actions this week.

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