The stars have been doing what they can to send assistance to the victims of the Haiti disaster, and Hannah Montana actress Miley Cyrus is one of them.  The 17-year-old pop sensation has volunteered to help out in a way she does best – through music.

Teen star Miley Cyrus has been one of those tapped to perform for Simon Cowell’s relief single, which will be released to raise funds for the cause.  The Hannah Montana star will be belting out a rendition of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts” as her contribution.

There are several more stars who have been given the chance to help out.  With the American Idol judge coordinating this effort, it’s bound to be quite a success.

Other veteran musicians have also been doing their part as well.  MTV News reports that Mariah Carey and Jon Bon Jovi are on the list, in addition to famous Brits Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis and Rod Stewart.

“It’s amazing these great singers are clearing their schedules to make this happen,” Simon Cowell told England’s The Sun.  “It says such a lot that everyone is working so hard to help Haiti.  This is something that really matters to us all, and I’m so grateful for the support we are getting.”

The recording has already begun for the single, with the proceeds going to The Sun‘s Helping Haiti fund and the official Disasters Emergency Committee appeal.  There is still no announcement regarding the release of the single though.

Other than that, the Hannah Montana star also made this video to urge her fans to donate to the Haiti relief efforts.  She teamed up with American Red Cross for the clip, hoping to encourage everyone to take action for the benefit of the victims.

Fans who wish to follow Miley Cyrus‘ example can go ahead and donate.  It is no doubt admirable to see these celebrities working together to help out a nation, and we can only hope for the project’s success.

Source: MTV News, Miley World
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Maria Gonzalez

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