One of MTV’s most memorable shows in a while, Jersey Show just wrapped up its season, but not before one final hook-up at the hot tub (which is, really, what this show has been about). As we all know, Ronnie was arrested because he punched some dude. The rest of the Jersey Shore peeps head home, and Pauly D. and his Israeli stalker were lying in bed, and Vinny was all, “Israelis are like (insert machine gun type sounds).” As if this show hasn’t had enough stereotyping incidents.

Snooki called the much-maligned Seaside heights PD to find out that Ronnie would have to be in jail until 6:30, when bail can be set. Fast-forward to 9am and everyone’s obviously still sleeping, until Sammi finally picked up the phone to find out that Ronnie was good to go. As a free man, he blamed the guy for talking smack to him.

But alas, nothing has changed, and in the house, The Situation was calling people to get dates for the night. Snooki called Keith, but he kind of turned him down, which really got her down. So what’s a down girl to do? Go to the Boardwalk of course and dance in a white leopard mini dress! Enter ex-boyfriend Justin at a patio bar and voila, two rejections for poor dejected Snooki.

Vinny, Pauly D. and The Situation then bonded over air hockey and beers, and summed up their Jersey Shore season by declaring that they stayed “boys” throughout their stint. Right on! Sammi and Ronnie later have dinner in Belmar, and looked like they’re finally getting serious.

And then – because Snooki is oh so down and The Situation couldn’t find anyone – they headed to the hot tub to make out, but before things got too weird/awkward, The Situation stopped and told her getting it on with Snooki was like doing it with his sister.

On the guys’ last supper, it was like a clip show amidst sausage and burgers. And we’re off. Just like the celebratory Jersey Shore guys, aren’t we glad we survived that?

(Image courtesy of MTV)

Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV