The time has finally come for the public to voice their opinions. We’re a bit late on picking the finalists, but 5 writers had to watch 92 videos and rank their favorites. We never expected this many submissions but we’re happy so many people participated. It has been a joy watching all of the videos and being convinced of ships we didn’t even know existed.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, not all the writers have seen all these shows. The finalists were picked simply for the quality of the video and how convinced we were by the couple. We had speculated previously that the major thematic moments had to be from 2009, but since we didn’t know which moments were from 2009 and which weren’t if we didn’t watch a show, we had to just use our best judgment.

Please try to be respectful in your comments below. Although you may not agree with a certain couple, know that these 5 people put in a tremendous amount of time and effort into the videos below. Try to be constructive with your thoughts, or better yet, just be nice. Tell us what video you think is best and why.

Please vote in the poll because that is how we will determine the winner. If you feel strongly about a video, tell your friends to vote!

Bones by OracleLaur

The Office – Drift on Memory Bliss by GreysALIASAnatomy

Lost – Say When by skateGirl88

Gossip Girl – Hate me by joannini8me

Grey’s Anatomy – Hazy by COforever1

You can see all of the videos on our YouTube account. If you’d like to check out our rules, we have them posted on the site. Also, be sure to check out our rankings of the Best Ships of 2009 as well as the user rankings.

– Kim Wetter, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Kim Wetter

Senior Writer, BuddyTV