There’s a lot going on for Bones this season, including the return of Zack, the controversial wedding, and the trip down memory lane of Booth and Brennan’s first assignment together, among other things. But before any of those things happen, the FOX procedural drama will first treat fans with an episode featuring The West Wing‘s Josh Malina.

If you’ve been following Bones series creator Hart Hanson on Twitter, then this news shouldn’t really be a surprise for you. Hanson previously announced that the 44-year-old actor, who is also credited for his work on Sports Night, will be appearing in the episode “The Devil in the Details,” which airs on Thursday, February 4.

The case, according to the press release, involves the remains of man resembling the devil in which Booth and Brennan look into at a church where they eventually meet Malina’s Dr. Copeland.

While Malina’s storyline seems vague at the moment, Hanson does reveal that there’s a big possibility he will return for a second or even third appearance on Bones. “I hope so. Yes,” Hanson tells

“Well what happened was — he’s in [the] bin of actors whom [I love], I’m a huge fan — But I have to admit that when I saw him on Twitter and he said something like we should work together and wait a minute, I don’t have a show but you do, I thought, I gotta get him on. And it just so happened that the next episode had a part open: The head of the loony bin. Not Zack’s loony bin, but another loony bin. And we don’t often have guest stars who can be seen throughout the whole episode. That’s just the way our show is, we move along and meet lots of people for a scene or two and that’s it. But [the head of the loony bin] is someone who we could use more, and I thought, perfect, because [Malina] plays pretty smart and he plays pretty appealing. And he’s a good suspect. It was great to have him on the show, he’s really good. Someone should give him a series,” Hanson says of Malina.

Kris De Leon

Staff Writer, BuddyTV