Great news gleeks! Or perhaps I should say, great news gleeks who live in Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis, or Portland. The first cities of the the Glee Summer Tour were leaked this morning (by and if you live in or near those seven cities, your favorite musical misfits will be singing in your town. These are just the first cities that have been announced, so keep your fingers crossed (and start planning a road trip just to be safe) if your hometown isn’t listed.

Unfortunately, your favorite musical misfits and the Glee Summer Tour, will not include New Directions musical director Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison). As we previously reported, Morrison will be spending his time away from McKinley High this summer to record his debut solo album.

The Glee Summer Tour will be sponsored by Ticketmaster and Live Nation and reportedly a ticket to the tour will put you back 30-50$ (plus Ticketmaster fees). A small price to pay to see your favorite song from Glee performed live before your very eyes. Glee wraps up filming for the back nine of season 1 sometime in June, so Rachel, Finn, Quinn, and Kurt will most likely be coming to town some time in July or August.

Which Glee song or star are you most looking forward to seeing on tour?

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Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV