Last month Rogue Events organized an intimate event for less than 100 Supernatural fans to sit down and chat with Supernatural actors: Mitch Pileggi, Mark Pellegrino, Chris Gauthier and Rob Benedict in Birmingham,UK. BuddyTV was lucky enough to have Lynda Lees, our special Guest Columnist, sit down and ask some questions. 

The evening began light hearted and humorous with a few brief hello’s and a photo session. Then they all took the stage again for an hour long stage talk, opening up the floor to questions from the audience, and without prompts, they gave insights into their lives and careers to date!  

I took the opportunity, on behalf of BuddyTV Supernatural fans, to ask them all, some questions relating to both the show and to other areas of their lives.

To Chris Gauthier: Relating to your character Ronald Resnick, on Supernatural, how did it feel holding up a bank?

[After explaining to Pileggi, Pellegrino, and Benedict how his character ended up robbing the bank] I had great fun. Loved saying the words  ”This is not a bank Robbery.”  I loved holding the machine gun and I was really excited about the fact that the episode was done in an actual bank in Vancouver, Canada.  I loved going into the banks vault and it remains one of the most enjoyable and fun roles I have done to date! 

To  Mitch Pileggi: 2003’s Tarzan, when you first met and worked with Supernatural’s Creator Eric Kripke – What were your first impressions of him, how did you get on with him and how do you think he has now matured as a writer and director since those early days? 

Tarzan, euuurrggghh! 8 episodes of awful! … Thanks for bringing it up! [smiling] … Lots of running around on streets, etc. I was pleased when that ended! Eric Kripke was great to work with from the very beginning, very professional and already had looks of being a success.  I also worked with Supernatural’s David Nutter on that show too… pleasure to work with them both!

Mitch also mentioned his long respectful friendship, and working relationship, with the late Mr. Kim Manners, knowing him all the way back to his days on X Files.  He still misses Mannners a lot and loved working under his direction

To Rob Benedict : Imagine you’re a character in the Supernatural books, maybe a fan going to a Convention? Which character would you be, Dean/Sam or other? 

[Laughing and flexing his muscles] Honestly, I would much prefer to be my own character Chuck then either Dean or Sam. Only I would like Chuck to be all butch or beefed up.

Benedict also mentions he would like to look the way the boys look on the book covers. He also recently visited his first convention, Supernatural Convention in Chicago, and was pretty nervous. All that went away with the warm welcome fans gave him. 

To  Mark Pellegrino:  What’s your general feeling about how Lucifer is going in Supernatural at the moment? And what color, if any, do you think Lucifer’s eyes are, seeing that he is an Archangel turned Demon? 

Very interesting question, never thought about the eye color thing before now!  [After discussing it with the others] Interesting one, probably piercing deep blue if any.

Unfortunately, playing Lucifer is on a “need to know” basis so doesn’t have any details on future episodes. However, it is this uncertainty that has been a big adjustment for Pellegrino, career wise. Allowing fans to feel lots of different emotions, not just dislike or hatred, is what he wants from the role.

To Mitch Pileggi:  What was your understanding of the general character of Grandpa Samuel Campbell and was it your idea to make him appear so grumpy and over protective of young Mary? 

His character traits were more written into the scripts then it was given my choice to play him that way. However, if I were given the choice, I most probably too would have played him that way. 

And Samuel Campbell fans, Pileggi had so much fun playing him, he would love to return and do more Supernatural backlog story if ever required.  

To  Mitch Pileggi: Both Supernatural’s Amy Gumenick and Matthew have been quoted on numerous occasions, saying that working alongside you was both a real pleasure and an amazing experience. How did you find the experience of working with those two relative newcomer actors? 

I still meet up with Matt at our local Gym, we work out together.

Pileggi went on to say that he had great working relationships with them right from the start. He really enjoyed the scenes with Amy but the kissing scenes terrified him and he felt sorry for her. [Laughing]

Check out Part 2 featuring the random questions Lynda asks the four actors. Like weird jobs they’ve had, what superpowers they’d want, and more. 

Lynda Lees, BuddyTV Guest Columnist


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