It seems suspicious, doesn’t it? Kim Raver gets promoted to series regular on Grey’s Anatomy and Katherine Heigl is becoming more and more scarce – seriously, if someone gets fired irretrievably on the show, how can she ever go back? But Raver tells TV Guide that she’s not out to replace Heigl.

“I look at it more as an addition to all the other characters. My character is very different than hers. I’m just thrilled to be there and be with these extremely talented actors, so I wouldn’t say replacing so much as adding to.”

It bears noting, however, that when TR Knight left the show last season, there had been two “additions” to the cast of Grey’s regulars – Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, and Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins.

That being said, with Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (McKidd) seemingly happy at the moment, will Teddy Altman (Raver) make a second attempt at Owen, seeing her first one wasn’t so successful.

“I don’t think she’s going to disrespect anyone, but you can still try to function and be in love with someone. I can say that the triangle definitely heats up in the next couple of episodes.”

But Raver claims that Teddy is no homewrecker, citing their stint in Iraq.

“Owen was engaged in Iraq, [and] she didn’t cross those lines and she’s not crossing those lines now. Yes, she is in love with him. I hope the fans were surprised to see that it’s much more complicated. Owen and Cristina still really love each other and that’s not going away, but wow, this is complicated. I’ve gotten fans being surprised, but saying, ‘Don’t you break up that relationship!'”

Source: TV Guide
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