That’s more like it! After a nap-inducing episode last week, Grey’s Anatomy was back on track with “Odd Man Out,” directed by Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt) and guest-starring both Casey Wilson and…wait for it…Rita Moreno. Did Arizona save quadruplets? Did April tell Jackson about her pregnancy? Did Meredith call back hottie oncologist Dr. Will Thorpe? Read on for all the scoop!

Resident Scramble

Remember the early days of GA when Meredith and Cristina got in trouble for only working in one specialty area (Meredith in Neuro with Derek and Cristina in Cardio with Burke)? That concept was revisited this week as Richard realized that Stephanie worked almost exclusively with Amelia (Neuro), Penny with Meredith (!) (General) (who would have believed it?), Jo with Callie (Ortho), and Ben with Jackson (Plastics). Webber promptly ordered the residents to randomly pick the name of an attending from a bowl. The results? Jo with Meredith. Penny with Amelia. Ben and Andrew with Arizona in Fetal Medicine. And, hilariously, Stephanie (who is so not a Peds person) in Pediatrics with Karev and puppies (don’t ask). (Related Aside: I was reminded of the day Cristina spent in Peds with Arizona. “His name is Mister Bear. He eats children.” Hee.)

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It’s Personal (Parts One and Two)

Part One: Meredith and Jo
Kudos to Meredith. She has not only gotten past the fact that Penny was part of the medical team that failed to save Derek’s life, she’s taken Penny under her wing and become her mentor. So when Jo is put on Meredith’s service, things don’t go well. First, Mer’s all discombobulated because she and Blake have developed a shorthand, so working with another resident requires extra steps and effort. More importantly, however, Meredith treats Jo really badly (I say this as someone who is not a fan of Jo) and doesn’t even seem to realize it, even when Jo (who goes too far, in my opinion) calls her on it. Not until after Callie and Maggie weigh in on Meredith’s behavior does she see the truth and apologize to the resident. 

Part Two: Amelia and Penny
So remember what I said about Meredith getting over the whole Penny thing? Amelia – in full raging cyclone mode – was horrible to Penny, even when Nathan tried (with the vantage point of a neutral third party) to reason with her. Even when Penny made a good catch and performed well under pressure, Amelia was unrelenting. Finally, however, their patient needed surgery stat and Amelia’s go-to-resident, Stephanie, was otherwise occupied. To her credit, Amelia let Penny operate and discovered that Blake is assured and level-headed with “microscope hands.” In short, she’s the best resident Amelia’s ever seen. She’s a born neurosurgeon. Shepherd must teach her. Did not see that coming. 

Will You Go Out With Me?

When she wasn’t dealing with Jo, Meredith spent the episode ignoring Will’s voice mails and text messages. Callie and Maggie implored her to respond to the poor man. Meredith maintained that if she returns his calls he will ask her out and then she’ll have to turn him down, so it’s best to do nothing. Will wasn’t having it. Figuring out it would be harder for Meredith to turn him down in person, he showed up at the hospital. What will Meredith say? We have to wait a week to find out. (Rats!!!)

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News Roundup

* Arizona saved the lives of premature quadruplets (adorable mom played by Casey Wilson)

*Owen and Amelia canceled their date after her patient died, but he took her for puppy therapy

*Rita Moreno rocked the house as a woman estranged from her husband who had been having an affair for eleven years and apparently been a jerk for thirty three. After a brain injury, however, he experienced a complete regression to a state of mind when he loved her and they had been happy together. She had hope that he would stay that way and she would get to love him again. And then he died. Of course he did.

* Nicole Herman (Arizona’s mentor in Fetal Medicine) was mentioned. YAY!

* Two observations: Was there a vibe between Nathan and Amelia? Is trouble brewing for Ben and Miranda? Related Aside: Ben may have found a specialty in Fetal Medicine.

*April still kept the news of her pregnancy from Jackson, despite Alex and Arizona encouraging her to tell him before he found out from someone else. In the last scene Jackson did find out from someone else: Arizona! Well meaning? Yes. The right thing to do? Absolutely not. But maybe that’s just me. 


Richard (to the residents): “You have a short time to learn here, people, and you’ve snuggled up to your specialties like a warm, comfy bed. I am your alarm clock.”

Callie (about Meredith’s phone love life): “You need to get that ringer turned on fast.”

Meredith: “My ringer is fine.”

Meredith (to Jo): “You’re just not Blake!”

Jo (to Meredith): “Get your own boyfriend!” (Oh no she didn’t!)

Maggie (about Will and Meredith): “He’s called how many times now?”

Callie: “Oh God, just give me the phone. I’ll send him a nice blow-off text.”

Maggie: “Oooh! Not a text. She’s not a monster.”

Meredith: “I like Wilson.”

Maggie: “Do you?”

Arizona: “Karev, are you trying to give me a compliment?”

Alex: “I’m saying no one else could have done what you did.”

(*Okay, seriously, I love the Robbins/Karev mentorship thing. #TeamPeds)

Meredith (to Jo): “You’re right. I am hard on you. Alex hasn’t had it easy. Everyone he’s ever been with has run away (Izzie) or stolen his job (hah! Lucy!) or gone crazy (Ava/Rebecca) or broken his heart. None of them stick. And he doesn’t deserve to take another hit. But the point is, I am sorry for squashing you like a bug or whatever it is that I do. And, for the record, Wilson, I am rooting for you to stick.”

April (resisting getting tests on this new baby and refusing to tell Jackson about the baby just yet): “I’m hanging on to every last shred of faith that it will be okay.”

Amelia (about Nathan to Owen): “Riggs was great. I can see why you liked him.”

Amelia (on Penny): “She’s a natural neurosurgeon. And now I have to teach her. I owe it to her to teach her.”

Will (to Meredith): “See, right about now you’re thinking I’m some kind of stalker. I’ve called and I’ve texted. Because I wanted to see you again. I thought I’d ask you out but I can’t do that unless you call me back. I thought I’d show up here and ask you. That way, if you wanted to turn me down, you’d have to do it in person. Looking at my very nice face makes it harder to say ‘no.’ Dr. Grey, would you like to go out with me?”

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