It might be March but TV is already preparing for the next fall season. Once Upon a Time has cast two new characters that will likely be the central antagonists of season 6. A long-time series regular on Grey’s Anatomy might be leaving the hospital for a new series. Another character returns to the Prison Break revival and Fuller House‘s Jodie Sweetin adds to her busy schedule.

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Hank Harris and Sam Witwer Join Once Upon a Time

Deadline reports that Sam Witwer, known for Being Human and constantly looking like he is tasting something sour but really loves it, has joined Once Upon a Time. Witwer will be playing Jacob who is described as an  imposing and evil mental hospital warden. Witwer will be joined by Hank Harris, from Man in the High Castle, who is playing Jacob’s brother Nathaniel. Nathaniel is described as the opposite of Jacob, he is meek and under his brother’s thumb and control. 

Both actors are set to join Once Upon a Time for multiple episodes at the end of the current season and they will likely continue to appear in season 6. Once Upon a Time will introduce Jacob and Nathaniel at the previously mentioned evil mental hospital. Since most of the current season of Once Upon a Time has taken place in the Underworld it is likely that this where the characters will find this evil mental ward. It does sound like it could be the Underworld version of the Storybrooke hospital. This would mean that Jacob and Nathaniel are both dead or it could mean something entirely different. 

Jerrika Hinton Joins New Shonda Rhimes Pilot

TVLine reports that Jerrika Hinton, who has been a series regular on Grey’s Anatomy since season 10, might not be on that show for much longer. Jerrika Hinton has joined Shondaland’s new comedy pilot Toast. The potential series, which is executive produced and written by Greg Grunberg and Scott Foley from Scandal, follows a rehearsal dinner before a wedding and tells the story in a series of flashbacks. Hinton has been cast as the bride at the wedding.

This is not confirmation that Hinton is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Since both shows are under the Shonda Rhimes and ABC umbrella a deal could be worked out if Toast is picked up. It is likely that Hinton will see her role on Grey’s Anatomy scaled back to fit her new schedule. 

Amaury Nolasco Joins Prison Break Revival

Another important character has joined the sequel series to Prison Break. Amaury Nolasco who played Sucre on the original series will reprise his role. The actor made the announcement on a post on his Instagram, which is embedded below. It is unknown how Sucre will factor into the story of the revival but it is probable that he will assist in the mission to save the missing Michael somehow. 


It’s Official !!! #Sucre is back with the gang ! Buckle up ! Looking forward to seeing my brothers again. #prisonbreak #blessed #lovemyjob #Sucre regresa con la ganga ! Prepárense ! Loco por ver a mis hermanos otra vez !

A photo posted by Amaury Nolasco (@amaurynolasco) on Mar 15, 2016 at 9:42am PDT

Jodie Sweetin Joins Former 90’s Child Stars for New Show

Jodie Sweetin is using her new found popularity from Fuller House to great effect. The former child star not only landed a spot on the new season of Dancing with The Stars. She is now joining two other former child actresses for a show on Pop TV. Sweetin will be in the series, called Hollywood Darlings, with Christine Larkin from Step by Step and Beverly Mitchell from 7th Heaven.

Hollywood Darlings is described a docu-reality series and will consist of 8 half-hour episodes. The episodes will follow the three actresses, who have apparently been friends since childhood. It will explore their life growing up together and as child stars, as well as their current lives. The series will also see appearances by other celebrities who are friends with the three women. 

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