Pretty Little Liars season 6 has been chock-full of some hilarious, witty and above all, fierce one-liners. From Spencer’s sarcastic quips to the bluntest of Hanna’s comments, it looks like five years forward has only improved the Liars’ ability to banter. Let’s take a look back and reflect on some of the best quotes from Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Aria and the rest of the Pretty Little Liars characters.

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1. “You can handle it, Aria. We all can.”

-Mona (“Game On, Charles”)

2. “You may be a dude, but you’re still a bitch.”

-Hanna (“Game On, Charles”)

3. “It’s made up of facts, doesn’t mean it’s true.”

-Spencer (“Songs of Experience”)

4. “I am not your doll.”

-Aria (“Don’t Look Now”)

5. “Oh please you can’t compare yourself to that family. Lying is like oxygen to them.”

-Veronica (“Last Dance”)

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6. “You have been such a bitch to us, but we heard your story. We understand.”

-Hanna (“Game Over, Charles”)

7. “Don’t be so dramatic, Ali. They’re not dead. Yet.”

-Charlotte ( “Game Over, Charles”)

8. “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister.”

-Charlotte (“Game Over, Charles”)

9. “If being honest and truthful is so damn purifying, why do I feel like the bottom of somebody’s shoe?”

-Hanna (“Of Late I Think of Rosewood”)

10. “I curse a lot, but it’s very therapeutic.”

Toby: “How’s Washington?”
Spencer: “I curse a lot, but it’s very therapeutic.”

(“Of Late, I Think of Rosewood”)

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11. “You’re small, but you are mighty.”

-Spencer to Aria (“Of Late I Think of Rosewood”)

12. “Hanna, the police didn’t ask us to stick around to exfoliate, they kept us here to answer questions.”

-Spencer (“The Gloves Are On”)

13. “Really? Cause I know how you like to shop out of other people’s carts.”

-Melissa to Spencer (“The Gloves Are On”)

14. Last time I checked, this was the quiet room.”

Emily: “Why did you even come to Rosewood? Answer me!”
Sara: “Last time I checked, this was the quiet room.”

(“The Gloves Are On”)

15. “What day is it In Tokyo? OK, then you’ll get it yesterday.”

-Hanna (“New Guys, New Lies”)

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16. “Spence, we’re not an us anymore. You don’t get to weigh in on my life.”

-Toby (“New Guys, New Lies”)

17. “OK, did I just let Sara Harvey trick me into trashing every room in my mother’s home?”

-Hanna (“Do Not Disturb”)

18. “I haven’t broken into anywhere since my dorm room.”

-Spencer (“Do Not Disturb”)

19. “People who are meant to be together take a break and find their way back to their first love.”

-Hanna (“We’ve All Got Baggage”)

20. “If any of you guys got me some sort of toy, you’re dead.”

-Hanna (“Burn This”)

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21. “Mona’s changed so many times I bet doesn’t even know herself when she looks in the mirror.”

-Spencer (“Did You Miss Me?”)

22. “We’re connected like a big bowl of linguine.”

-Hanna (“Did You Miss Me?”)

23. “You should totally say it. If we’re right about Sara, she deserves more than a few watts.”

-Hanna (“Hush…Hush, Sweet Liars”)

24. “I won’t let you turn me into the woman who says pick me, not her.”

-Yvonne (“Hush…Hush, Sweet Liars”)

25. “Mona, are you still stalking us?”

-Spencer (“Hush…Hush, Sweet Liars”)

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Pretty Little Liars season 7 premieres in summer 2016.

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