Relationships on TV can be a beautiful thing. However, if that certain spark doesn’t seem to be there right from the get-go, chances are that viewers will never really believe the two characters as a couple. Remember Joey and Rachel in Friends? Every time a couple that lacks the chemistry enters our screen, we find ourselves so distracted with the fact that these two don’t belong together that we’re not even paying attention to the scene. Here are 6 TV couples that totally lack in the chemistry department.

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1. Liam and Aria, Pretty Little Liars

Liam and Aria no chemistry.gif Liam was sort of introduced to us out of nowhere, so the cards weren’t really in his favor. However, his character didn’t do much to help that cause. Aside from the first interaction we see between him and Aria where they can’t resist kissing each other after being away for a short period of time, the rest of there relationship has no spark whatsoever. The juicy tidbit that they were colleagues and keeping it a secret has fizzled out. Even their boss is aware of them and doesn’t care. Since she’s been back in Rosewood and around Ezra, Aria’s conversations with Liam feel very awkward. That’s expected, but given that we didn’t see any of their relationship prior to this, it’s all we know.

2. Bonnie and Enzo, The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Enzo no chemistry.gif Yes, Bonnie and Enzo have some fun banter and watching them argue is always entertaining. However, they feel like they make better friends than anything else. Just because you have a relationship with someone who challenges you doesn’t mean you should try and escalate it into something more. Let good things stay good. We know they start dating at the end of season 7, but let’s hope it doesn’t last. Putting these two into a relationship feels rushed and a little out of the blue. If you want Bonnie to be with someone she has chemistry with, you don’t need to look further than Damon. We’ve watched him and Bonnie’s relationship truly evolve over the past 7 seasons, from friends to enemies to frenemies. Bamon over Benzo any day.

3. Klaus and Camille, The Originals

Klaus and Camille no chemistry.gif We all love the way that Camille is able to break through Klaus’ brash exterior and into his soft shell. She makes a great shrink because she understands how his mind works, probably better than he’d care to admit. However, there’s a reason you shouldn’t date your shrink. Just because she knows him doesn’t mean she belongs with him. These two lack any sexual chemistry whatsoever. Their “encounters” feel awkward and make me want to shower. Not in a sexy way.

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4. Jane and Rafael, Jane the Virgin

Jane and Rafel no chemistry.gif This relationship was doomed from the start. It began as a fantasy of someone way back when for Jane, just as she was on the verge of marriage to a good guy. That probably combined with her pregnancy hormones caused that fantasy to turn real. However, that excitement isn’t really there anymore and frankly, there doesn’t seem to be as much between her and Rafael as there is with Michael. There’s genuine banter with Michael, whereas everything with Rafael feels very surface-level or about the baby.

5. James and Kara, Supergirl

James and Kara no chemistry.gif Maybe it’s just the tone of the show, but everything about these two feels way too cheesy and over the top. Even if that wasn’t the case, the way they act and move around each other is incredibly awkward. It doesn’t feel like passion or love, it feels like something being forced to us by the writers. While it started out with a nice balance between James’ confidence and Kara’s cute awkwardness, at this point it feels too forced.

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What do you think? Are we off the mark? Which TV couples do you feel lack chemistry? Let us know in the comments below!

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