Great news! After the snoozefest that was its last outing (#Truth #NotSorry), Grey’s Anatomy returned to top form in “Games People Play.” In this episode, Meredith and Jo seek to secure the rights to the elusive polymer they need for their research, April’s behavior continues to spiral out of control, Amelia sees Owen in a new light, Alex goes to bat for a patient, and Maggie hosts the worst game night ever.

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I Miss Sex!

Amelia is in a mood. She’s not getting any sex, so Maggie’s noisy, frequent romps with Clive are getting on Shepherd’s nerves. Meredith insists that her own “sex drive” has been replaced by her “work drive” but agrees to host a game night, so Mer and Amelia can check out the guy Maggie’s dating. Before you can say “scenes outside the hospital,” the whole surgical staff is angling for an invitation to Meredith’s house, including the interns who are so not invited.

Auntie Marie? Mer Mer!

Meredith’s stressing because she’s meeting with Dr. Cerone, the owner of the polymer she needs to do her mini livers research. But wait! Cancel that meeting. Dr. Cerone’s dead! Never mind. His daughter is coming to the meeting instead and she turns out to be Dr. Maria Cerone, best friend of Meredith’s mom, the late surgical legend Dr. Ellis Grey. After happy reminiscing about Meredith’s 8th birthday party, Meredith presents her project to Cerone, who would love to help her, but corporate offers are going to be high for the polymer and Meredith’s theory is untested. Knowing she must secure the patent, Meredith shows Maria the lab mouse whose very survival proves the viability of the research. Technically, they used the polymer without permission, but they did get spectacular results. Noting that Meredith is just like Ellis, Maria agrees to sell Meredith and Jo the polymer. They’ll meet tomorrow to work out the details.

There’s Been an Incident

April’s minding the ER when a rambunctious rugby team needs fixing. Long story short, April ends up slicing off the team manager’s ear (!) when a ball is thrown across the pit. DeLuca slips on the severed ear and gets a concussion. Jackson can reattach the ear surgically and brings in Maggie to do a consult on the team manager’s heart condition. Basically, Sarah has a hole in her heart, which Maggie can fix in a second surgery. Sarah’s dad is a malpractice attorney but his outrage (and threat of a lawsuit) over Sarah’s ear is quickly calmed by the news that Maggie can repair Sarah’s heart. For her part, Sarah notices definite “vibes” between Maggie and Jackson, even though Maggie’s really liking stockbroker Clive and Jackson’s still dating Priya, a human rights attorney. Jaggie extol the virtues of dating people outside the hospital, but soon end up discussing a medical article they both found amazing.

Meanwhile, Owen breaks the news to April that she needs to go home for the day. The video surveillance will back up the fact that she wasn’t at fault, but why was there no incident report? Hunt heard the news from Bailey (who’s now dealing with the Grey Sloan Legal Department) who heard it from Webber who was in the ER at the time. Owen expresses his concern for April but she is enraged claiming, “Someone broke the rules and someone else is getting punished”. It’s painful to see April unraveling but I liked Owen’s concern for his protegee’. #TeamTrauma 

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Game Night!

Jackson and Priya arrive for game night, only to find that Meredith and Amelia have both been delayed at the hospital. April soon arrives and comments on Jackson and Maggie being a “thing” while Jaggie tries to demonstrate that they are just friends. Jackson’s quiet awkwardness is actually rather endearing, but Maggie’s nervous laughter is seriously hard to take. (Eeesh. Make it stop.) Anyway, Tom Koracick is still in town and shows up at the house, which works out because they need teams of two (April is taking the rules veeeeeery seriously) so Maggie partners with Clive, Jackson with Priya, and April with Tom. 

Games of Charades and Pictionary ensue with April’s unwillingness to bend any rule in the slightest way casting an aggressive and sour tone on the evening. She finally snaps after a perceived time violation and screams about rules and chaos and needing a universal code of conduct. Tom makes an attempt to smooth things over but not before an unexpected guest crashes the party. It’s a woman named Daphne who turns out to be Clive’s WIFE! She tracked his phone to the house. Maggie is mortified to find out that she unknowingly slept with a married man. Jackson kicks Clive out and tells him to delete Maggie’s number. 

Tom offers a tipsy April a ride home and Jackson leaves with Priya, only to return a few minutes later. Avery explains that he told Priya he can’t see her anymore. Because he can’t stop thinking about Maggie. He describes the dreamy date he’s planning for them and moves in for the kissing while I realize that for the first time I am not repulsed by the thought of Jaggie. What is happening to me? 

Just then, Meredith bursts in and tells Maggie that they need to search Ellis’ journals for references to Maria Cerone. Tipped off by Richard that Maria actually hated Ellis, Meredith is in a panic. She gave Cerone her methods, her research, and her results. “I got played,” Meredith laments. And that’s a game changer.

In Other News

Owen deals with the rowdy rugby team in a way that reminds us all why Cristina Yang first fell for him. He’s no-nonsense and authoritative, taking no prisoners. Hot! So hot that sex-starved Amelia proposes they become friends with benefits. And just like that, Omelia = sex buddies. Ugh.

*The interns try to crash game night to no avail. Gifts don’t help.

*After DeLuca’s accident, he and Sam profess their love for each other. 

*Arizona and Carina work on their study and AZ offends a colleague by calling out her unusually high C-section rate which seems to revolve around the doctor’s long weekends. Ouch!

*Karev is persuaded to prescribed medical marijuana for Kimmie, who hasn’t been able to eat anything. He even manages to convince Kimmie’s grandma that it’s a good idea. I love Alex Karev. 

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