With a little help from his friends, Barry saves Central City from certain destruction. The hero, however, makes several mistakes on the way, heightening the tension and nearly ending things for good on The Flash. Is Barry the biggest screw-up in “Enter Flashtime” or does someone else take that title?


At the center of the action throughout the episode, Barry has oh-so-many chances to make mistakes. He starts off badly early on, unable to speed into breaches (apparently a necessary activity to stop DeVoe.) Not only frustrating, the activity takes its toll on Cisco’s abilities and Iris’ patience.

Then, when the action really gets going, it takes an oddly long time for Barry — and his heroic friends — to get to the hangar with the nuclear device. What delays them so long? Is Barry just taking it easy? If he is, the entire near-disaster can be blamed on the Flash.

Along with Jesse and alt-Henry, Barry proceeds to make mistake after mistake in his efforts to stop the explosion. He does succeed in the end, but it is a rough road.

Barry, on a more cheerful note, has one additional and funny little screw-up: He assumes Jesse has arrived to visit Wally instead of her father.

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Cisco and Caitlin

Both Cisco and Caitlin attempt to use their superpowers to stop the bomb. It does not go well.


Much like everyone else (except Iris, who totally saves the day), Harry is not much help in saving Central City from the explosion. In his case, at least, Harry does have other things on his mind: The awkward father is having extreme personal issues with his speedster daughter, Jesse.

It turns out that Jesse mostly wanted to talk about her dead mother, and it was Harry’s refusal to do so that led to his exile to Earth One. Father and daughter quarrel yet again when the issues are confronted. Only near-annihilation (and high-tech gadgetry) leads the family to a closer relationship.

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Speaking of Jesse, the speedster’s unresolved feelings for Harry nearly lead to her own doom. Harry cannot hear his daughter while she is in Flashtime, but that does not stop her from having a one-sided heart-to-heart. This means Jesse does not have the energy to escape the coming conflagration.

Mystery Woman

This season’s recurring mystery woman shows up briefly in the final scene of “Enter Flashtime,” when she seems to mistakenly spill coffee all over Caitlin and Harry. But is it a mistake? Like everything about this young woman, that remains a mystery.

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