After a Deja-centric episode, This Is Us ended with Deja’s mother leaving her with Randall and Beth to have a chance at a happier life where she’s actually able to act like a kid and enjoy her life, rather than worry about money and whether or not she’s going to have water to be able to take a shower the next day. However, the show has already taken Deja from Beth and Randall before, so while it’s possible for the show to go down another route where she leaves to be with her mother, again, it shouldn’t happen for many reasons.

Her Chance at Childhood

As we saw on This Is Us season 2 episode 17, Deja hasn’t ever really had a chance to be or act like a child. Her primary caretaker as a toddler was her great-grandmother, who died around the time she turned 5, and her mother was never fit to really be responsible and act like the mother Deja needed. Being with her mother has never been easy, and we saw how the two made things work for so long, but Deja has never had the chance to be a kid.

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Honestly, the real world often is as heartbreaking as Deja’s life has been, but after everything she’s been through, she deserves a chance to feel safe, secure and like she has her whole life ahead of her. Deja’s mom admitted to not being secure or stable enough to raise Deja in an environment that allowed her to be a child, so it was very brave of her to offer Deja the chance to have a childhood where she’s provided these things, and I hope the show doesn’t backtrack and make Deja’s mother come around again for “another chance” at living with her.

The Positive Pearson Dynamic

We’ve mainly seen the darker side to Deja. She’s lashed out at Beth and Randall because of the many emotions she felt while her mother was in jail, yet we haven’t really seen what Deja could truly be like. It’s clear she enjoys the company of Randall’s family, and they make her happy in a way her own never could, but how will this affect Deja?

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There’s much to be explored regarding Deja’s arrival in this house, especially for when Randall’s daughters find out it’s a “permanent” stay, and it could open up opportunities for stories that didn’t exist before. For instance, taking in another person’s child could offer Randall some insight into how his mother and father felt when they adopted him, and he could leave this experience with a greater appreciation for his parents and everything they did to make sure he felt happy, safe and secure in their home for his entire life. Also, we know Tess grows up to work in adoption/foster care services, so what impact will Deja have on her?

No Going Back

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Deja has been taken from Beth and Randall’s home before, but hopefully this time she can stay with them permanently. While it wouldn’t be the worst thing to see more of Deja’s mother going forward, it should be as a sort of visitation while she continues living with Randall and Beth. Her mother has a lot to work on, so revisiting this story too soon (or at all) would destroy her mother’s character development thus far. Her mother finally realizes she can’t provide for Deja in the way she needs to, so it would be a mistake for Deja to leave Randall’s house again in the future because fans are warming up to her being a part of this family unit, and it’s honestly unrealistic that she’d be allowed to be placed with her mother again after everything she’s been through.

What do you think? Should Deja remain with Randall’s family permanently? Or should Deja’s mother come back after cleaning her act up for another chance? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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