On this episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “True Colors,” Owen receives word about his sister, the doctors treat a couple only to discover the man is a rapist, Edwards deals with a dangerous patient.

Edwards returns to work after a whopping three counseling sessions. She assures Webber that she’s calm, cool, collected and won’t be throwing stuff at people anymore. Minnick isn’t as welcoming.

Lost and Found

Owen gets a visit from soldiers who bring news of his sister. We don’t hear exactly what’s said, but given Owen’s initial catatonic response and his abrasive demeanor after, it doesn’t appear to be anything good. He does come out of his fog long enough to save a choking baby by grabbing her and pounding on her back. It does the trick, but his brutal treatment of an infant raises a few eyebrows (Time to take a personal day, Owen.)

Unsafe Sex

Sex injuries appear to be on the rise at Grey Sloan. A young couple is brought in after their car took a nose dive off a cliff. Given their various states of undress, the doctor’s figure out they were parked and got overly-excited, hitting the gear shift in the process

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The girl, Alison, is rushed into surgery, and Minnick assigns Edwards to watch over her unconscious boyfriend. Avery comes in for a consult and the man, Keith comes to. He wants to know how Alison is, and Avery lets him know she’s in surgery. Keith tries to get up, insisting he has to see her, but the doctors calm him down, urging him to sit tight.

Groundhog’s Day from Hell

Alex tracks down Jo’s husband, Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison), at a medical conference in L.A. He approaches Stadler and introduces himself as Alex Stevens, and the two begin to throw back beers and shots at the hotel bar.

The two stumble outside, and Stadler gets a call from his girlfriend who he blows off and calls a “bitch.” That’s when Alex decides to bring the pain, beating the crap out of a drunken Stadler. The cops arrive, and Alex is thrown into jail — just kidding. It’s an elaborate fantasy that plays out in Alex’s head as he watches Stadler from across the room. So we know what Alex wants to do, now we get to see what he’s going to do.

Alex approaches Stadler as he’s about to give a speech. He introduces himself as a friend of Brooke’s, the wife who left him. Stadler asks where she is, and Alex informs Stadler he doesn’t get to know that or think about her ever again. Alex threatens that if Stadler ever comes near her again, he’ll kill him. Stadler wants to know who Alex is, but all he will say is that he’ll be watching.

Alex arrives back in Seattle to find Stadler in Jo’s apartment choking her. The man thanks Alex for helping him find her. Yup, another twisted fantasy.

Alex decides to leave, but outside, Stadler snags his cab. He asks Alex if he wants to split it, but Alex takes a pass. Something about the look on his face does cause give Stadler some reason to pause, but the cab pulls away.

Zero Dark Thirty

The baby’s parents ask to see Owen, and the mother begins sobbing, thanking him for saving their daughter. She throws her arms around him, but Owen pushes her away and takes off. He’s obviously dealing with some serious anxiety issues, and Amelia follows him, and he tells her that Megan was found, and she’s alive. This means serious complications for Nathan and Meredith. She just took the plunge and invited him over for dinner to meet her kids.

They found Megan in the basement in a rebel-held neighborhood. There was a raid, and her captors left her there. She’s in an army hospital in Germany. Amelia has a ton of questions, but Owen is hesitant to believe it’s really Megan. He wonders if they could have made a mistake. He doesn’t want to allow himself to accept it might really be true.

Amelia calls the hospital, and it turns out that in addition to being a former junkie, she speaks fluent German. Owen is stoic, but can’t bring himself to speak to anyone regarding his sister. Amelia learns that Megan is on her way. But Owen still isn’t convinced. Amelia tells Owen that Teddy Altman saw his sister with her own eyes.

Amelia has called in a PTSD expert, but Owen wants to wait to see how Megan is first. Amelia reveals she did it for Owen as well. He laments about how he went on with his life and left his sister in a hole in the ground for 10 years. Weeks at a time would go by when he wouldn’t think about her while she was being held and tortured. Owen may never forgive himself for giving up.

Meredith arrives home, and Amelia tells her the news. Owen hasn’t told his mother or Nathan. In fact, he’s curled up in the fetal position on the couch. Meredith decides she’ll be the one to break the news to Nathan.

Lock it Down

Edwards finds Keith trying to get out of bed. The guy has a liver laceration and could die if he moves around. He’s determined to see Alison, worried she’ll wake up in a hospital, hurting, scared and surrounded by strangers. He wants to be there when she wakes up. He pleads with Edwards to help him do that.

Alison wakes up and immediately asks if Keith is dead, wanting to know if she killed him. Here’s about the time we realize these two crazy kids weren’t engaging in consensual sex, and that trip into the canyon wasn’t an accident. Alison was trying to kill him. She doesn’t know him. She got in her car, he held a knife to her throat and made her drive to the woods. She decided she wasn’t going to let him do it, even if it killed her.

Avery realizes he left Edwards alone with a rapist and potential murderer. Keith was successful in getting Edwards to help him, and she wheels him up to the ICU. When they arrive, security runs by. Edwards asks another doc what’s up, and she says she heard a patient was assaulted, and they’re looking for the guy. Keith realizes he’s in serious trouble. He managed to swipe a scalpel and hide it in his sleeve. He pulls it out, holds it to Edwards’ throat and tells her she’s going to help him find a way out of the hospital.

They make their way to the nearest exit and encounter Warren. She keeps the interaction brief, and an unsuspecting Warren moves on. They make it to a stairwell, but Keith knows he’s not supposed to be walking, much less maneuvering stairs. He believes Edwards is purposely trying to kill him. She tries to reassure him that it’s a better option than the elevators which will be swarming with cops.

Avery tells Bailey that Keith and Edwards have disappeared. Bailey orders that hospital be put on lockdown.

Keith and Edwards make their way down the stairs, and Edwards shoves Keith against the wall, but he recovers and holds the scalpel to her neck. Someone enters the stairwell, and they duck into a nearby hallway. They are greeted by Erin, the older sister of the baby that Owen saved (She’s been wandering the hospital unsupervised throughout the episode.) Edwards tells Erin she needs to go, but the young girl is locked in. Keith is concerned she’ll run and tell someone what she saw. Edwards promises to leave Erin locked in and they’ll go. By the time anyone finds Erin, he’ll be long gone.


Edwards tries to use her key, but the door won’t open because of the lockdown. Keith beats against the door while Edwards sits nearby comforting Erin. He becomes enraged and wants out, but Edwards makes it clear they aren’t going anywhere until security calls off the lockdown or emergency services. Keith decides to start a fire so the sprinklers will go off, making the doors open. Edwards warns him he’ll kill them all, but Erin offers up a flint she must have pocketed from somewhere.

Keith informs Edwards that when the doors open, he’s taking Edwards’ security card and Erin. He’s confident nobody will stop a man carrying a kid out of a burning building. Edwards realizes she’s got to act to save Erin, so while Keith is preoccupied trying to get his fire going, she instructs the girl to turn around and cover her eyes.

Edwards spots the scalpel on the floor along with whatever liquid he is using as an accelerant. As he waves a flame underneath the sprinkler, Edwards douses him and steps back. An ash hits the floor, and Keith goes up in flames. Edwards grabs Erin and shuts them into a nearby room. Edwards watches through the glass as Keith collapses near some huge oxygen tanks.

Edwards tucks Erin into a corner and heads towards Keith although what she thought she was going to do is unclear. Did she plan to drag his burning body away or lug the huge tanks across the floor? It doesn’t matter because there’s a huge explosion.

Do you think Edwards survived? Do they kill off too many doctors on Grey’s? Does Megan’s return mean the end for Meredith and Nathan?

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