A word of advice to the cast members of Grey’s Anatomy: you have no job security. You may say something on the set to another actor that causes a media firestorm and suddenly, you’re disappearing without explanation (I’m talking to you, Isaiah Washington). You may have been brought on as a lesbian character that didn’t sit well with the uptight ABC execs and disappear after work, never to be heard from again (that’s you, Brooke Smith). Apparently, you may also find yourself written out of scenes and practically entire episodes should you even question the writing staff. E!’s Kristen Dos Campos has the scoop, but has to refer to it as a blind item. However, we all know who she’s referring to.

A source close to the show told Kristen this week, “The reason [the actor] has not been on is because [he or she] has been a pain in the ass lately, trying to change scenes and dialogue, being hard to work with and putting up an attitude. The higher-ups were getting tired of it, so they tweaked [him or her] out of some episodes. That’s why you haven’t really seen [him or her] lately.” A second source added, “[He or she] is not really getting along too well with producers right now.”

There’s only one actor on the show who has been noticeably missing from scenes and storylines and that person is T.R. Knight. If this is true, that he has been slightly difficult, then perhaps he should be talked to, but not punished. For Pete’s sake, Katherine Heigl released a statement to the press last year saying she’d turn down an Emmy nomination because the writing of her character was so bad. Patrick Dempsey publicly slammed Grey’s last month for firing Brooke Smith and cutting gay storylines but I still see him and his hair every time I turn around.

As if cutting scenes and storylines isn’t bad enough, Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello is reporting that an original cast member is about to be fired. Somehow, he caught wind of it before the actor (or actress) and the show is siting budget cuts and creative redirection as the reason. Ausiello has been sworn to secrecy but with all this talk of the lack of George O’Malley on our Grey’s episodes in recent times, I think we all have the right to be a little worried.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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