Every Supernatural fan has a story about how they discovered the series.  Some people watched from the very first episode, others tuned in later after being pestered by friends, some caught up on DVD after a couple seasons had gone by, and a few people may not have seen a single episode before “Lazarus Rising” sucked them in.  We all stumbled upon the Winchesters in a different way, and we all fell in love with the show for different reasons.

With over a month to wait before Supernatural returns with new episodes, I thought it’d be a good time to share our stories about how we discovered this fantastic show.  When did you start watching, and what got you hooked?

The story of my Supernatural addiction is probably a bit different than most.  I tuned in to the pilot episode on September 13, 2005, partially due to my love of the horror genre, and also because I had an affection for Jared Padalecki that carried over from his years on Gilmore Girls.  I was immediately impressed.  The pilot episode is dark, creepy, beautifully shot and filled with awesome brotherly banter.  Unfortunately, the monster-of-the-week shenanigans in the next few episodes didn’t impress me as much.  “Bloody Mary” and “Home” were amazing, but they weren’t enough to keep me obsessed.  I gave up on the show halfway through its first season, not because I disliked it, but because I was busy and unsure of where the series was headed.

Boy, was I stupid.

If you’re a TV fan, you’re going to hear about the quality shows somewhere.  After a couple seasons, I couldn’t avoid hearing about Supernatural.  People talked about the show on many of my favorite websites, and I really started to regret giving up on it.  I didn’t remember a lot about the first season, so I decided to pick up the DVD set and give it another whirl.  That’s when I got hooked.  No, I still didn’t like “Dead in the Water” very much, but I was able to enjoy the monster-of-the-week episodes more the second time around.  As we all know, the show’s mythology really starts to kick in halfway through the first season, and that’s when I was sucked in for good.  Why had I missed out on all this greatness when it originally aired?  I couldn’t stop kicking myself for my poor judgment call.

I breezed through all the DVDs just in time to watch season 3 on the CW, and I’ve been a loyal Supernatural fan ever since.  I may not have Jensen and Jared pillowcases, but I am completely obsessed with the complicated world Eric Kripke has created.  I initially got into the show for its clever spin on the horror genre, but I’ve stuck with it because I find Sam and Dean so incredibly fascinating.  Their relationship, their bickering, their inability to express their emotions to one another — it’s all so incredibly real.  There’s a lot to love about Supernatural, but the main reason to watch is to see the complex bond between the Winchester brothers.  I can’t think of another show on television with such an interesting familial relationship at its core.

There are some people who think you’re not a true fan of a series unless you’ve watched it loyally from the beginning, but that’s not true.  In these days of quick cancellations and shows that start strong and fade into oblivion, I think it’s fine to wait a while before jumping into something new.  I’m thankful for all the Supernatural fans who kept talking about the show on every website I visited.  Without them, I might not have given the Winchesters another chance, and I’d be missing out on one of the best things on television.

Now it’s your turn.  Comment below and let everyone know how you discovered the show and what got you hooked.  Were you there from the beginning, or did you only get sucked into Supernatural recently?

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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