24: Redemption was released on DVD last week.  It has dropped, as the kids say.  If you watched it on TV when it first aired, you might ask “Why would I need to go out and buy the DVD so soon after having watched it on normal television?  Heck, it’s still saved on my DVR.”  I would counter by saying, “Hold on there, sir/ma’am, there’s no need to blaspheme. 

There are myriad reasons to buy 24: Redemption on DVD.  There are special features, deleted scenes, an extended version of the film, documentaries a commentary track and, perhaps most enticing of all, a sneak peek of the first 15 minutes of 24 Season 7.”  As a proud owner of 24: Redemption on DVD, I have already bathed in the wonder of the DVD’s extra features.  As such, I have witnessed the first fifteen minutes of 24’s seventh season.  What follows are my initial reactions to that footage. 


Jack Bauer is Ornery as Ever

Jack Bauer begins the seventh hellish day of his life as a bitter little beaver.  The fact that he’s been brought in for questioning regarding his use of interrogation techniques is a sticking point, especially since it appears that after the senate hearing he will be sent to jail for an unspecified amount of time.  He gives an impassioned, albeit simplistic, response to the torture allegations.  He addresses the senator who heads up the hearing in a contrite and snide manner.  When removed from the hearing to help investigate an imminent security threat he is short with the FBI handlers and the woman who will be his new partner.  His bitterness will probably remain palpable until the charges are dropped, which may or may not happen during the season. 

Tony Almeida Might Actually be a Bad Guy

I know that 24 and its writers are trying to trick us all.  They want us to think that Tony is the bad guy, only to have him be redeemed later on.  I think all of us 24 fans assume that Tony and Jack will eventually team up during season 7 and it will be just like old times.  But maybe, just maybe, one of the big twists will be that Tony is indeed a bad guy now.  He orchestrates a dangerous kidnapping in the season’s very first scene, and he looks poised to do some awful things at Dulles airport.  Chances are,he’ll be redeemed, but it’s more of a question for me now than before I had seen the footage. 

I’m Not Sold on the Supporting Cast/New CTU

Annie Wersching‘s straight-laced FBI agent lacks personality and charisma in the opening minutes of season 7.  I felt the same way after watching the various season 7 trailers.  It will be a real bummer if she continues to be the uninteresting straight woman to Jack’s wild card.  Let’s hope that Jack slowly changes her outlook on things.  But, I’m not sure that even Jack and inject a person with the necessary personality.  Also, in the first fifteen minutes, both Rhys Coiro and Janeane Garofalo make brief appearances as the “New CTU” employees, working in the FBI offices.  Coiro’s character is stand-offish, and Garofalo is predictably nebbish.  They’re no Chloe and Edgar, or Chloe and Morris.  At least not yet.

I’m Pretty Sure That Even the FBI Can’s Interrupt Senate Hearings

I loved the idea of starting off the season with Jack before a senate committee.  However, he’s quickly dragged out of the hearing by Wersching’s FBI agent.  I seriously doubt an FBI agent can simply waltz into such a hearing and take Bauer away.  Realism isn’t 24’s forte, I know, but it still felt like a cop out, Deus ex Machina in practice. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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